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If a disaster strikes and devastates your community or organization, have you thoroughly prepared your plan of response? Do you have the time to identify, respond to, and fully secure your financial recovery options? Tidal Basin is the nation’s premier provider of integrated preparedness, emergency response management, and disaster recovery consulting services. Our unmatched experience, resources, initiative, and results continue to earn us the trust of hundreds of public and private organizations, schools, states, governments, and communities, as we have helped them initiate and control a maximized recovery.

Our Experts Are Ready And Able To Assist You!

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    Total Solution®
    Total Solution®

    Whether the need involves government grants or property insurance claims, our team offers both with unmatched expertise.

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    Experience & Team
    Experience & Team

    Over thirty years of experience expertly handling disaster preparedness and disaster recovery services for clients suffering from some of the world’s worst disasters.

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    Disaster Software
    Disaster Software

    Grant Expense Management, Document Management, Compliance Management, Financial Compliance, and Time Tracking.

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    Qualified Personnel

    There on-site every time, using our experience to help you get control of your disaster preparedness and recovery.

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    Our expertise, unmatched resources, and proactive approach offer stabilization in what can become a chaotic event.

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    Proven ability through results as we have helped hundreds of organizations and communities prepare and maximize their financial recovery.

We have helped hundreds of clients strategically prepare and recover from many of the worst natural and man-made disasters, providing solutions and results at the regional, state, and national levels. On a foundation of client advocacy and trust, we have built our reputation for exceptional program management of disaster grant funding. Our experts specialize in recovering funds from the FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation Assistance Programs, the FHWA-ER program, from HUD Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and from property insurance policies. We have the unique ability to mobilize a top team of professionals who have the unmatched experience and comprehensive understanding of the laws, regulations, and policies involving disaster recovery. This enables us to consistently coordinate and obtain the maximum reimbursement for our clients, so that they may recover.

Our Proven Experience

Years as a Comprehensive, All-Hazards Emergency Management and Consulting Firm
Clients we have assisted with their emergency management and disaster recovery grant programs funded by FEMA, HUD, U.S. Treasury and other disaster relief funding sources
States we have helped spanning from Alaska to Vermont, New York to Florida, California to Louisiana, and more.

Local Knowledge, National Reach

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the federal laws, regulations, and policies governing the various post-disaster funding programs. We take an active role in shaping national-level policy discussions through our involvement with professional associations; our engagement with legislative policymakers; and our advocacy efforts on behalf of our clients. This provides our field staff with valuable information regarding current regional trends and national policy shifts.

We are able to bring this knowledge to our clients to ensure maximum reimbursement supported by audit-quality documentation.

  • Worked every type of disasters at all levels of government and the private sector.
  • Provided hurricane response and recovery efforts throughout Florida since 1992.
  • Our best practices have been developed and refined in real-world settings, resulting in well-documented, flexible, and scalable solutions to address disasters of any scope or magnitude.

Your Team of Disaster Professionals

Our experts have the unmatched experience of successfully helping numerous organizations, communities, businesses and more prepare and recover better from natural and man-made disasters.
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    Immediate Response
    Our team responds within 24-72 hours of a request for FEMA Grant assistance.
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    Direct Experience
    Our staff has a thorough understanding of the FEMA Public Assistance Program. There is no learning curve—only proven delivery.
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    Systems & Controls
    We are able to deploy state-of-the-art web-based project management systems and controls.
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    Totally Equipped
    Our employees arrive equipped with laptop computers, GPS units, digital cameras, cell phones and safety equipment.
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    Representation & Advocacy
    We represent and advocate for the Grantee and the Applicant, and not for FEMA.

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Discover in detail how our team of professionals is playing an instrumental role in helping hundreds of organizations, governments, communities, not-for-profits, and private sector clients prepare and recover sooner from the worst disasters.

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