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Christopher Checca

Senior Director, Network, Infrastructure, and Security

Christopher Checca is Tidal Basin Group’s Senior Director of Network, Infrastructure, and Security. With over 20 years of systems administration and 15+ years of management expertise, Christopher delivers innovative, results-driven, and cost-effective IT solutions.  

In his previous role as Director of IT Hosting & Infrastructure at a large pharmaceutical company, Christopher was committed to outstanding cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, supporting the company’s business with a cloud-based infrastructure. Recognized for his strategic planning, Christopher has a remarkable record of designing, engineering, and implementing crucial IT projects. 

Christopher’s thoughtful leadership style, decision-making, effective project management, and cybersecurity strategies consistently enhance business operations. His achievements include designing and implementing Azure and Google cloud infrastructures, managing IT operations across entire infrastructures, and leading system migration from on-site servers to cloud-based applications. 

As an IT Manager at a national freight transportation company, Christopher streamlined operations, reduced billing cycles, and cut costs through efficient IT solutions. His expertise also extends to the integration of all company entities under one robust IT umbrella, utilizing an internal fiber optic network and VoIP implementation.

During his tenure as an IT Systems Engineer at a national security provider serving the military and intelligence community, Christopher managed multi-million-dollar projects. These projects spanned data centers, cloud strategies, and infrastructure migrations. He demonstrated his problem-solving skills by delivering exceptional infrastructure technology support and services to both government entities and private businesses. His strong networking knowledge and implementation skills position him to drive IT excellence at Tidal Basin Group. His strategic thinking and attention to detail, combined with his expertise in various operating systems, hardware, and languages and his numerous certifications, make him a valuable member of any tech-driven team.

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