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We are the leading experts in preparedness and disaster recovery. We provide unmatched experience and resources to organizations, businesses, governments, and communities in helping them prepare, manage, and recover from natural and man-made disasters sooner.

Tidal Basin Is The Leading Preparedness & Disaster Recovery Consulting Firm

How can you best prepare for the unexpected? From a crisis that impacts your organization or entire community indefinitely? How can you fully recover? How much will it take, and where will it come from? Tidal Basin is the leader in preparedness and disaster recovery consulting. For the past thirty years we have expertly handled emergency and preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation management, and funding for hundreds of public and private sector clients during some of the world’s worst disasters.

Unique in our unmatched experience, resources, and principles, we work only for our clients, and never for insurance companies or FEMA. We are there on-site as trusted advocates to thoroughly manage and maximize your financial recovery so you can get back on your feet sooner.

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Your Team Of Experts For Preparedness, Relief, And Risk Management

Our experts have the unmatched experience of successfully helping numerous organizations, businesses, communities, to be more prepared and recover better from natural and man-made disasters.
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    Immediate Response
    Our team responds within 24-72 hours of a request for assistance.
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    Direct Experience
    Our staff has a thorough understanding of the FEMA Public Assistance Program. There is no learning curve — only proven delivery.
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    Systems & Controls
    We deploy state-of-the-art web-based grant management software systems and controls.
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    Totally Equipped
    Our employees arrive totally prepared and equipped with the latest technology to effectively get the job done.
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    Representation & Advocacy
    We represent and advocate for the insured Recipient and Subrecipient, never for FEMA or the insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are preparing for or have suffered from a natural or man-made disaster, it is important to take a step back and realize your preparedness and relief options. Listed below are some common questions as you consider our disaster recovery services.
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    Why Tidal Basin?

    Since 1985, Tidal Basin has helped federal, state, and local governments, private sector, and not-for-profit clients identify and achieve their disaster preparedness, emergency management, and disaster recovery goals. Few if any firms can match our integrated knowledge of the preparedness and recovery resources available from federal agencies such as FEMA, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the National Resource Conservation Service, and the Department of Transportation. At Tidal Basin nothing is more important than our clients. We support, assist, and advise you based on your individual needs and objectives.

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    What kind of disasters has Tidal Basin successfully managed?

    From terrorist attacks to hurricane relief, explosions to earthquakes, fires to floods, Tidal Basin has been helping clients prepare and recover from natural and man-made disasters since 1985.  Our industry leading professionals have extensive experience and a deep knowledge of FEMA, HUD/Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and other federal disaster grant and assistance programs that help expedite recovery. We have worked in over thirty-two states including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

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    What is Tidal Basin?

    Tidal Basin is the industry’s leading disaster preparedness and recovery consulting firm. We assist federal, state, local government, and private sector clients with preparing for, reducing the effects of, and maximizing financial recovery from natural or man-made disasters.

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    Why should I enlist Tidal Basin?

    In the wake of a major disaster, enlisting the assistance of a preparedness and disaster recovery consultant can greatly increase the speed of your recovery efforts. We are the premier preparedness and disaster recovery consulting organization with four well-established areas of expertise: preparedness planning, mitigating against future damage, providing the nation’s leading public adjusting services, and guiding FEMA recipients and subrecipients/applicants through the FEMA Public Assistance program.

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    How are your services typically charged?

    Tidal Basin provides FEMA disaster recovery and grant-related services on a time-and-expense basis. The overall cost of our service will be based on the number of staff, the agreed upon hourly rate for positions required, and time required to meet the client’s needs/goals.  Because of the nature of federal funding, Tidal Basin cannot project the amount of funding that will be received from applicable funding sources. Our fees for service are not contingent on FEMA reimbursement; however, we will make every effort to capture and document costs in compliance with FEMA’s policy on Direct Administrative Costs (DAC). Please note that staff time can only be reimbursable under DAC when it can be charged to a specific Project Worksheet, and assignment of staff time is completely under the control of the client. There is not a “retainer fee” and clients are only charged for services following an activation of the contract through a Task/Purchase Order type process.

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    What sets Tidal Basin apart from other consulting firms?

    We have over thirty years of experience assisting clients with their emergency management and disaster recovery needs. We maintain extremely high client retention rates because of our dedication to help them recover from the devastating impacts following a disaster.

    For instance, one of our primary objectives is to help you maximize and expedite reimbursement from FEMA Public Assistance grants. Many of our seasoned team have been with our firm since Hurricane Katrina and beyond. They have experience with FEMA spanning decades and the hands-on experience with the many changes FEMA has made to the Public Assistance program over the years. This includes the Post Katrina Emergency Reform Act (PKEMRA), Sandy Recovery Improvement Act (SRIA), Section 428 Alternative Procedures, and the Public Assistance New Delivery Model.

    Another distinguishing factor is our “Total Solution” to help clients successfully develop and implement a complete recovery process that unites the property insurance and FEMA portions of their disaster recovery into one financial recovery strategy. We also utilize a secure and advanced financial/grant management system that is designed specifically for federal grants to reduce your risk of losing the money needed to clean up and rebuild after a catastrophe.

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    How do I know Tidal Basin has the capacity to assist us given your levels of current/existing clients against our individual needs?

    Tidal Basin is fully equipped, maintains the requisite resources, and will seamlessly demonstrate our capability to meet your needs – even in response to multiple contracts or disasters. In fact, we maintain staffing levels sufficient to support not only our clients during catastrophic disasters like Hurricane Sandy, but also over three dozen current clients nationwide – many in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico due to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Our organization is specifically designed to support multiple clients simultaneously. The Tidal Basin team can mobilize within forty-eight hours of activation to begin on-site coordination efforts. It is important to note that our staff are not just available quickly, but will remain on call and available from pre-disaster through closeout and beyond.

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Have Helped

Discover in detail how our team of professionals is playing an instrumental role in helping hundreds of organizations, governments, communities, not-for-profits, and private sector clients prepare and recover sooner from the worst disasters.
I also want to thank your organization for the outstanding service that was provided to CORSA and Putnam County after the August 2007 flood. ...The assistance provided by the your team saved a lot of valuable county staff time in expediting the request for assistance, and their expertise significantly increased the amount of recovery that was received from FEMA.I would recommend the services provided by your team to any entity who is attempting to expedite receiving the maximum public assistance that is available from FEMA after a disaster.
David W. Brooks, CPCU
Managing Director - County Risk Sharing Authority/County Commissioners Association of Ohio
The State of Alaska...[has] a significant investment in the disaster recovery process for both state and federally declared events.... The collaboration with Tidal Basin in these efforts has been so successful and seamless that in most instances applicants and FEMA staff don't even realize we have contractors on board unless we tell them. Our interaction with Tidal Basin staff and managers works and feels like true teammates and the result is a faster, more comprehensive delivery of disaster recovery resources to survivors.
Sam Walton
Program Manager for Disaster Assistance - State of Alaska

Severe storms dumped massive amounts of rain in the Southern Tier of New York State in the summer of 2006, resulting in widespread flooding. 

When Hurricane Katrina struck, bringing with it widespread flooding and damage, the City of Slidell took the brunt of the storm. Located just 30 miles north of New Orleans, the two cities were both hit full-force by the destructive power of the hurricane. Unfortunately for Slidell, the nation first focused on the recovery of New Orleans. The City of Slidell didn't begin its recovery operations until Adjusters International had been hired, bringing the expertise required to turn the recovery process around.

  • State of Georgia
  • County of Del Norte, Crescent City, CA
  • Monroe County, Florida
  • Port Authority of New Orleans, Louisiana
  • City of San Francisco, California
  • 1857-DR-NY Severe Storms and Flooding
  • City of Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • Rocky Mount Charter School, North Carolina
  • Orange County, New York
  • Aldine Independent School District, Texas

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