Helping communities and organizations be stronger than before


What we do really matters

Disasters can strike with overwhelming force, destroying lives in moments and ripping away the hopes and dreams of people and communities. We will help rebuild.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to achieve their full potential, to become the best that they can be, no matter the circumstances.

We care passionately about changing the world for the better. And we never give up. Because we know that what we do really matters.

Our pragmatic and experienced team are at your service, working as part of your team, guiding you every step of the way from the get-go.

We’ve been in your shoes many times before. As you’d expect, we draw on everything we’ve learned from decades of hands-on experience, quickly unraveling the complexities of governance, finance, logistics, regulations, policy, program implementation.

We embrace change. We listen. We understand. 

We look beyond the obvious to create new opportunities and achieve long term solutions together that will empower your people and your communities.

We work with you to mitigate risks and prepare with total confidence. And if the worst does happen, we work by your side to help you recover with even greater resilience.

How we deliver

We are practical, experienced, and embrace change. We listen, help guide your program, and quickly take action to make you stronger. We help people prevent, prepare for, respond to and build back with greater resilience from emergencies and disasters.

Emergency Management

Helping people prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate disasters to build back with greater resilience

Enterprise Solutions

Innovative, full-service technology solutions to support all communities and levels of government

Public Programs

Improving resilience and housing quality through infrastructure investments


Local knowledge with a national reach, enhancing a community’s ability to prepare and recovery quickly

Who we are

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. Equally empowered, trustworthy, and down to earth. Our team has decades of experience and offers innovative and effective solutions to help organizations and communities prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate natural and human-made disasters.

Our Executive Team

Amy K. Baker

Executive Vice President, Government Consulting

Carlos J. Castillo

Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Daniel A. Craig

Chief Executive Officer

Ronald A. Cuccaro

Executive Chairman

Melissa J. Gordon

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

James K. Joseph

Corporate Chief of Staff

Mark J. Misczak

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Lori A. Nichols

Vice President, Human Resources

Stephen T. Surace


Our Professional Services Team

John Agostino

Vice President, State Programs

Maria Judith Amador

Senior Director, Mitigation

Luis Avila

Vice President, Mitigation

Kenneth Baker

Assistant Vice President, Director of Federal Program Accounting

Betsy C. Bell

Executive Assistant to the CEO

John Bumgarner

Director, Capture

Michelle Burnett

Assistant Vice President, Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Management (PREM)

Jorge Cadiz

Senior Director, Quality Management

Peter Cavadini

Senior Director, Housing, Community Development, and Infrastructure

Frances Chavez Piñero

Director, Tidal Basin Caribe

Bruce Conant

Senior Director, Construction Management

Michelle Cullerton-Conforti

Senior Director, Major Projects Project Manager

Sue Currie

Creative Director

Allen Davis

Director, Recovery

Laura deLoach

Vice President, Resource Management

Ashlee Herring Delventhal

Senior Director, Preparedness, Resiliency, and Emergency Management (PREM)

Bailey deRouen

Director, Housing, Community Development & Infrastructure

Deborah Diaz

Director, Mitigation

Daylen Docampo Perez

Associate General Counsel

Don Forse, Jr.

Regional Vice President

Mike Gaskins

Vice President of Housing, Community Development, and Infrastructure (HCDI)

Cynthia Gutierrez-White

Senior Director, Media and Community Relations

Diana Kennedy

Assistant Vice President, TB Technologies

Sarah Lamberti

Senior Director of Proposals

Thad Leugemors

Senior Director, Mitigation

Amber Madden

Regional Vice President

Sheila Manek

Regional Vice President

Mollie Matthews

Vice President, Tidal Basin Federal

Esrone McDaniels

Chief Operating Officer, Government Consulting

Stephanie Murphy

Vice President, Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Management (PREM)

Charles “Chuck” Parker

Senior Director, Response

Lea Price

Senior Director, Marketing

Joel Reale

Director, Financial Systems

Joel Richardson

Director, Digital Marketing

Michael J. Roberts

Senior Director of Training

Daina Ruback

Director, Housing, Community Development & Infrastructure

Delilah Ruiz Manzano

Director, Housing, Community Development, and Infrastructure

Frank Sardelli

Vice President, Project Management Office

Edward “Ted” Saroney, IV

Assistant Vice President, Corporate Controller

Ian Carlo Serna

Senior Director of Puerto Rico Operations for Housing, Community Development, and Infrastructure

David Seto

Senior Director, Major Projects

Mario Sinatra

Assistant Vice President, Response & Recovery

Amanjot Singh

Project Manager, Major Projects

William “Bill” Slater

Vice President, Response & Recovery

Nikole Souder Schale

Regional Vice President

Heather Stickler

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Maria Suppa

Senior Vice President, Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Gregory Szymanski

Executive Director, Public Assistance and Recovery Services

Paul Taylor

Regional Vice President

Matthew Watson

Senior Director, Major Projects

Wayne Williams

Senior Director, Information Technology

Robert “Bob” Wright

Assistant Vice President for PA Recovery Administration

Andrew Yonce

Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Solutions

Charles Young

Senior Director, Contracts Management

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