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Sheila Manek

Vice President, Market Strategy

Sheila Manek is the Vice President of Market Strategy for Tidal Basin Group, focusing on new and emerging markets and innovative solutions. Before serving in that role, she was a Regional Vice President for the Gulf region and parts of Texas. She brings over 15 years of experience in federal, state, and local program management, focusing on federally funded large-scale grant programs, executive management, design engineering, and project management. Sheila has experience driving value-adding programs to fuel growth, competitive advantage, and transformative change for many industries, including disaster recovery, energy, and utilities.

After initially joining Tidal Basin, Sheila oversaw and grew the Housing, Community Development, and Infrastructure business unit, where she engaged in disaster recovery initiatives, strategic planning, program management, and business development execution. Under her direction, Tidal Basin expanded its reach into opportunities related to several large-scale, federally funded programs, including housing, CDBG-DR/Mitigation, case management, and infrastructure programs.

Before joining Tidal Basin, she was a director at a global engineering firm managing housing and community development programs with clients such as FEMA and HUD. She also oversaw a portfolio of projects for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Her previous work also included practicing engineering and managing large-scale infrastructure and capital programs at other major engineering firms in the energy and utility sectors in prior roles such as senior program manager, research and development engineer, design engineer, and intellectual property engineer

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