You may have already experienced catastrophic disaster and need to recover smarter and you want to minimize hazards and risks to your community or organization before the next disaster strikes. Our experts are well versed in navigating and implementing federally funded mitigation programs to build your resilience.

Becoming more resilient to crisis or disaster requires making smart decisions to mitigate known and unknown risks. There are a variety of mitigation tactics that can be implemented before disaster strikes, or as part of your recovery so you are better equipped to handle the next disaster. Our team is experienced in helping to evaluate risks, developing comprehensive all-hazards mitigation plans, and executing mitigation strategies to make you more resilient.

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Our mitigation experts have a deep understanding of designing and implementing mitigation programs at the federal, state, and local levels.

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Discover in detail how our team of professionals is playing an instrumental role in helping hundreds of organizations, governments, communities, not-for-profits, and private sector clients prepare and maximize their financial recovery sooner from the worst disasters.
You and your team have provided invaluable assistance in the College's recovery efforts in response to Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. Your knowledge of the often complex FEMA process, coupled with your insurance industry experience, have been of enormous benefit to us.
Cyndi M. Baily
Deputy General Counsel - Baylor College of Medicine
Tidal Basin assigned a uniquely-qualified project management team with extensive, existing knowledge of our region to this initiative. Their knowledge and experience with developing products that close gaps and are responsive to stakeholder needs was evident throughout the project. Tidal Basin was effective at confirming the need/project scope at the outset of the project. The stakeholder working group sessions that were facilitated by Tidal Basin revealed a more nuanced planning need (a coordination tool instead of an operational response plan), and Tidal Basin quickly adapted to this shift in project scope. Despite this change, Tidal Basin was able to provide an end-product that exceeded our expectations. I found the team to be particularly responsive to communications (email/phone) and well-suited to elicit difficult/nebulous information from the planning stakeholders and translate that into a written product. Tidal Basin always exhibited great customer service throughout the project and I highly recommend Tidal Basin without reservation. In fact, I have used them multiple times!
Andrew Slater
Program Director - NVERS Northern Virginia Emergency Response System

Severe storms dumped massive amounts of rain in the Southern Tier of New York State in the summer of 2006, resulting in widespread flooding. 

When Hurricane Katrina struck, bringing with it widespread flooding and damage, the City of Slidell took the brunt of the storm. Located just 30 miles north of New Orleans, the two cities were both hit full-force by the destructive power of the hurricane. Unfortunately for Slidell, the nation first focused on the recovery of New Orleans. The City of Slidell didn't begin its recovery operations under Adjusters International had been hired, bringing the expertise required to turn the recovery process around.

  • City of Slidell, Louisiana
  • Town of Union, New York
  • Danville, California
  • Callayomi County Water District, California
  • Memorial Hermann Hospital System, Texas
  • Steele County, Minnesota
  • Philadelphia Public Schools, Pennsylvania
  • Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
  • 1565-DR-NY Tropical Depression Ivan
  • City of San Francisco, California

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