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Jennifer Kurien

Director, Broadband Services

Jennifer Kurien is a management consultant with more than 12 years of telecommunications experience managing cycle and performance adherence for grants totaling $400M+ from the NTIA, US Treasury, USDA, NIH, DOD, FEMA, and industry experience in broadband grants. She also has experience in operationalizing state broadband offices, strategic implementation, and running projects end-to-end, from requirements gathering to final delivery, audits, and success tracking. Kurien is an expert at coordinating remote projects across geographies, including initiatives spanning more than 60 organizations simultaneously. 

As Tidal Basin’s Director of Broadband Services Kurien has worked on and supported the following projects:

  • Supported the implementation of Capital Project Funds and ARPA State and Local Recovery Funds in the State of Arkansas, encompassing risk assessment for ongoing projects, ensuring federal reporting compliance, and optimizing the reimbursement process. 
  • Utilize extensive knowledge prepare for IIJA BEAD initiatives, and Digital Equity programs including a community resource hub, enabling connectivity, and facilitating the adoption of transformative broadband applications. 
  • Lead the development and execution of strategies to effectively allocate and disburse funding from various Federal programs, ensuring program goals and desired outcomes are achieved. 
  • Leverage expertise to navigate the regulatory landscape of Federal broadband initiatives, ensuring strict compliance with guidelines and regulations while maximizing program impact. 
  • Apply comprehensive expertise of Federal broadband programs to lead cross-functional teams in planning, implementing, and monitoring broadband projects funded by Federal programs, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. 
  • Collaborate with stakeholders at the federal, state, and local levels to build partnerships and alliances, fostering a cohesive approach to broadband infrastructure development. 
  • Develop comprehensive reporting mechanisms to track and communicate the progress and impact of broadband projects funded by Federal programs to stakeholders and regulatory bodies. 
  • Provide guidance on digital equity strategies, ensuring that underserved and marginalized communities have equitable access to broadband services through Federal initiatives. 


  • Doctor of Medicine, Windsor University School of Medicine
  • MBA, University of Texas at Tyler
  • BS, Chemistry, Texas Wesleyan University


  • Grants Management Certificate

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