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Mollie Matthews

Chief Revenue Officer, Federal Services

Mollie Matthews has more than 20 years of experience and currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer of Federal Services for Tidal Basin Group, where she is responsible for overseeing the federal program operations, developing relationships, and growing business in the federal space. Before serving in that role, she was Vice President of Business Development and Capture, responsible for the firm’s sales and capture strategies across all business units and service offerings.

Before joining Tidal Basin, Mollie served in various roles, such as Vice President of Business Development, Sales and Marketing Director, and Director of Sales Planning in various fields, including digital marketing, healthcare technology, and alternative fuels, where she created effective marketing, sales, and public outreach campaigns to reach targeted audiences to build business relationships and increase revenue.

When Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey struck in the summer of 2017, Mollie leveraged her media talents to maximize public outreach campaigns highlighting grant programs available to provide disaster relief and aid to the citizens and governments of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. In 2019, when Tidal Basin was awarded the Tu Hogar Renace program on behalf of the Puerto Rico Department of Housing, she built and launched a marketing campaign to create awareness for the program and for employment opportunities available to Puerto Ricans who became unemployed due to the disasters. This bilingual campaign received over 1.7M views driving over 13,300 directly to the Tu Hogar Renace public assistance page.


  • B.S., Business Management, State University of New York – Plattsburgh

Firm Role

Sales and Business Development

Personal Affiliations

  • ENYSHE (Eastern New York Society of Healthcare Engineering)
  • IAEM (International Association of Emergency Managers)
  • NEMA (National Emergency Management Association)


  • SEMPO Certified (Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization)
  • Google AdWords Certified

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