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Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Solutions

Andrew Yonce joins the Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation (RPHC) family as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Rising Phoenix Enterprise Solutions (RPES). Andrew comes to Rising Phoenix with 20 years of experience in IT services, operations management, and strategic planning. In his role, Andrew will oversee Capraro Technologies, Inc., the customer contact center, Mosaic, and the corporate information technology group.  

Prior to joining RPHC, Andrew served as Director of Technology and Senior Vice President of DecisivEdge, LLC. In that role, he led a team responsible for business analysis, process design, custom software development, managed services, and customer support. He was also responsible for production support and operations for a student lending platform supporting $1B in student loan disbursements to over 3,500 colleges and universities per year. Andrew’s team designed and extended the student lending platform over eight years while the student lender grew to be the third largest student lender in the nation.  

Additionally, Andrew worked for MBNA/Bank of America managing teams that provided technology infrastructure, custom software, and reporting that supported call center operations for their customer marketing and customer retention credit card departments

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