Emily Kaster

Emily Kaster

Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist

Professional Profile

Emily Kaster is a Senior Emergency Preparedness Specialist at Tidal Basin supporting the PREM team with the Michigan Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department's COVID-19 After Action Reporting project.

Emily has five years of experience in emergency management, including over four years with Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency (CCEMA). She served CCEMA most recently as Deputy Director and was Acting Director for a period of time, directing the County Emergency Operations Center during its COVID-19 pandemic response. Prior to her work with CCEMA, she was a Homeland Security Coordinator with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and an Emergency Management Operations Officer at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

She holds a Master of Arts in Homeland Security, Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management, Master Exercise Practitioner distinction, and Certified Emergency Manager certificate in the state of Maine.

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