Dan Craig, Senior Vice President at Tidal Basin interviewed Arizona’s Director of Emergency Management, Wendy Smith-Reeve for our newest Disaster Recovery Today publication piece titled, “State-Managed Disasters: An Interview with Arizona’s Director of Emergency Management.”

Dan and Wendy discuss the “current push to have states take a more active role in managing disaster response and recovery efforts.”

“Since the founding of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on April 1, 1979, the federal government has viewed its role in disaster response and recovery efforts as supplemental. In other words, FEMA would not function as the first-line provider of emergency assistance and disaster response and recovery. Instead, it will support state and local governments – not supplant them…”

Currently, North Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Arizona are the only five states in the U.S. that are actively participating in the state-managed disaster initiative.

What are the key benefits and downfalls to states who participate, FEMA, and sub-grantees? What is FEMA’s role when a state is managing a disaster on its own? Find out this and more by reading our latest edition!

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