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Disaster Recovery Today® is offered as a public service by Tidal Basin, sharing the knowledge gained from years of field experience that has made Tidal Basin’s team the leading experts in preparedness and disaster recovery consulting.

Originally focusing on topics related to FEMA’s Public Assistance program, we will be adding additional issues across the emergency management spectrum of preparedness and disaster recovery solutions.

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Issue #8001

State-Managed Disasters: An Interview with Arizona's Director of Emergency Management

With the current push to have states take a more active role in managing disaster response and recovery efforts, Tidal Basin saw value in interviewing the Director of Arizona's Emergency Management Division, Wendy Smith-Reeve.
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Issue #4022

State-Managed Disasters: Another Perspective

This issue provides the perspective of the state of North Dakota regarding FEMA's 2019 comprehensive State-Led Public Assistance Guide. The interview addresses both the benefits and challenges of the State-Led PA Program, and how North Dakota has tailored its operations to meet those challenges.
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Issue #4021

Readying for Recovery: Strategies to Support Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning

In this issue of Disaster Recovery Today, Christina Crue, Tidal Basin's Senior Director of Preparedness and Mitigation, focuses on strategies to support whole-community pre-disaster recovery planning, as well as obstacles and best practices to plan for such recovery.
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Issue #4019

Proper Debris Management II

Tracking Public Assistance Policy Changes and Their Effect on Debris Removal
Disaster Recovery Today® (DRT) Issue 4012, Proper Debris Management — Key to Disaster Recovery and FEMA Assistance, provided valuable guidance in understanding and managing debris removal operations
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Issue #4018

Be Ready for the Next Disaster - and the Public Assistance Process!

Natural disasters have become so widespread in recent years that they can be second-page news.
DRT 4017 Final
Issue #4017

Proper Benefit Cost Analysis Key in Mitigation Grant Application

FEMA's Hazard Grant Mitigation Program is a powerful tool to help communities that have experienced a major natural disaster implement measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of suffering similar devastation in the future. Mitigation measures encompass risks to people and property.
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Issue #4016

Supplemental Funding Sources in Community Recovery

Alternative funding approaches can make a significant difference between an optimum recovery from a disaster and a mediocre or deficient one.
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Issue #4015

Water Damage

Mold & Salt Water Inundation
Water. Nothing is more essential. Yet nothing can be more destructive. In this edition we look at two of the ways that happens.
DisasterRecoveryToday 4014 cover
Issue #4014

Buildings and Equipment

Mastering One of the Most Complex Categories of Work
Our 15th edition focuses on a topic often-requested by our readers: Category E Projects – Buildings and Equipment.
DisasterRecoveryToday 4013 cover
Issue #4013

Mitigation Measures

Sound Investments in Disaster Recovery
This edition of Disaster Recovery Today® explores the value of mitigation programs eligible for FEMA funding. Mitigation grant funds are enormously valuable resources for local jurisdictions. To access mitigation grant funding, a community needs to have an approved Mitigation Action Plan (MAP). . . .
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