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Is your community prepared for hurricane season?

We have created several resources to help your community stay safe before, during, and after hurricanes. Click the links in the free resources section below to download the materials.

These resources include:

  • Social media graphics
  • Before, During, and After a Hurricane Checklist
  • Vacationing During Hurricane Season Checklist
  • Hashtags to help foster community participation
  • Ready-to-use social media messages

Social Media Toolkit

Social media can be one of the most effective ways to communicate with your community. Be sure to use our social media graphics when educating others on hurricane preparedness. You can download the graphics in the Resources section below.

We also encourage you to use the following hashtags in your social media posts:

  • #GetHurricaneReady
  • #WeArePrepared

Social Media Messages

We have created ready-to-use messages to post on social media. Use these messages to help inform your community about hurricane season. Simply copy, paste, and post.

If a hurricane hits your area, it is critically important to monitor directions from local authorities and storm updates from your phone, radio, or TV – or a portable, battery-operated radio if the power goes out. #GetHurricaneReady #WeArePrepared

If you are sheltering in place, remain inside in an interior room with as few windows as possible. Stay away from all glass features like windows and glass doors. #GetHurricaneReady #WeArePrepared

Even after a storm is over, it can still be very dangerous outside. Avoid fallen electrical lines and debris when moving around outside. Be sensitive to signs of broken gas lines. If you smell gas, stay outside, and alert the utility company. #GetHurricaneReady #WeArePrepared

Depending on the size and nature of the damage done to your property, consider enlisting the assistance of a public adjuster to assist with processing your insurance claim. #GetHurricaneReady #WeArePrepared

We’ve assembled resources from government organizations and entities such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Ready.Gov under the Department of Homeland Security, to help you learn and prepare for hurricane season.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Explore the NOAA’s in-depth guide to hurricane preparedness, featuring expert advice on protective measures, early warning systems, and practical steps to ensure your community’s safety during hurricane season.

View NOAA Hurricane Preparedness Resources

Visit for concise, actionable tips on preparing for hurricanes. offers straightforward guidance to help individuals and community leaders develop effective emergency plans.

View Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Colorado State University

Stay informed with the CSU Tropical Weather & Climate Research’s 2024 Hurricane Outlook. Understand the predictions for the upcoming hurricane season to better plan and prepare your community for potential impacts.

View CSU’s 2024 Hurricane Outlook

Free downloadable hurricane resources

Vacationing During Hurricane Season Checklist

Before, During, and After a Hurricane Tips/Checklist

What To Do After a Hurricane

Disaster Preparedness Checklist

Read insights and news from our team

Learn about the rise in hurricane rapid intensification, and Hurricane Beryl, the earliest Category 5 Atlantic hurricane in history.

Discover insights on the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season as we transition from El Niño to La Niña and the impact on global weather patterns.

Safeguard your community during the 2024 hurricane season. Learn about projections from the Climate Adaptation Center and preparedness tips from NOAA.

Explore the pivotal role of post-disaster mitigation measures in building community resilience and ensuring a safer future.

Explore the impact of the hurricane season in Puerto Rico and learn how Tidal Basin Caribe’s expert team provides crucial support for disaster preparedness, recovery, and resilience building across the Caribbean.

Prep for Hurricane Season 2024

Tidal Basin Group prepares for 2024’s predicted active hurricane season with expert insights and strategies for community safety.

Visite para obtener consejos concisos y prácticos sobre cómo prepararse para los huracanes. ofrece orientación sencilla para ayudar a las personas y a los líderes comunitarios a desarrollar planes de emergencia eficaces.

Lea Los Tips de Preparación

Administración Nacional Oceánica y Atmosférica

Explore los tips detallados de la ANOA sobre preparación para huracanes, que incluye consejos de expertos sobre medidas de protección, sistemas de alerta y pasos prácticos para garantizar la seguridad de su comunidad durante la temporada de huracanes.

Lea Los Tips de Preparación

Tips para descargar

Lista de cotejo para prepararse de un huracán

Hoja de cotejo por si estas de vacaciones durante la época de huracanes

What our experts have to say

“Different from other disasters, hurricanes typically allow us time to prepare. There is a six-month season when hurricanes are most likely to happen, allowing communities time to implement outreach campaigns for awareness to the public. Most often, states that have been affected previously are typically the best prepared because they know it can happen to them. The key is to prepare for an impending disaster, not wait until they are affected.”
– Carlos Castillo, President of Federal Services

“Summertime is synonymous with beach vacations, cruises, family outings, and hurricane season. Before leaving for vacation, do your research. Talk to your travel agent, airline, car rental, and hotel associates to see what you can do if you find yourself along the path of a hurricane. And always, read the fine print.”
– Stephanie Murphy, Vice President of Project Management Office

“It is critical that local governments prepare to recover from a disaster much the same way they prepare to respond. Proper planning and implementing best practices for recovery prior to an event will help ensure a community can financially recover from the sudden impact of disasters. Poor financial recovery from a hurricane can have a long-lasting and devastating impact on the health of a community”
William “Bill” Slater, Chief Operating Officer of Consulting Services

Carlos J. Castillo

President, Federal Services

Stephanie Hunt

Vice President, Project Management Office (PMO)

William “Bill” Slater

Chief Operating Officer, Consulting Services

The 2004 hurricane season was a difficult one for Lee County in Southwest Florida. We were fortunate, indeed, to have retained your firm to process FEMA claims following Hurricane Charley. Especially effective was the coordinated approach you used in seeking financial relief from separate sources such as FEMA, FHWA, NRCS and insurance. …The knowledge needed to deal with FEMA regulations is mind-boggling. It was obvious you and your team are very much up to speed with these regulations, procedures and processes.Without hesitation, we would recommend you and your firm to anyone faced with the task of processing large and/or complex loss claims in a disaster environment. Your firm’s ability to bring together the right team of professionals at the right time resulted in the creation of a superior product. Your thoroughness, knowledge, attention to detail, and logical approach provided us with the assurance that we would obtain the maximum reimbursement from all eligible sources.

During Huricanne Irma 2017, the City contracted the services of Tidal Basin in order to help us recover the necessary funds spent during the disaster cleanup process…Due to the efforts by Tidal Basin’s staff, the City was able to receive our much needed reimbursement from F.E.M.A. The attention to detail displayed by Tidal Basin’s staff was imperative during the process which involved tedious paperwork and inspections. I am confident that your organization will benefit from the services provided by Tidal Basin and its hardworking staff.

The University of Miami has been working with Tidal Basin for over 10 years and they are a valued partner. I have had the pleasure of working with them for the past year, which includes completing work related [to] Hurricane Irma, staging for Hurricane Dorian, and currently COVID-19. They have proved very knowledgeable in the navigation of the FEMA reimbursement process… As their client you get access to all their team members and resources.

Tidal Basin has been a big part of our hurricane response team for the past 6 years providing excellent, professional service for the staff and residents of the City of Aventura. During this time, we experienced two major storm events and we utilized your debris monitoring and FEMA documentation services which both were very exceptional. We could not have weathered those events without you.

We retained your services to assist us in the Public Assistance grant application process and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program with FEMA and the State of Florida. This turned out to be one of the most sensible decisions we made. Your organization made a very onerous situation much more bearable…The experience and knowledge that you provided us was invaluable.Without hesitation, we would be delighted to recommend your services to anyone who faces the task of processing large, complicated grant applications to the federal government. Your systematic approach and attention to detail allowed the City of Fort Myers to obtain our maximum eligible reimbursement.