Carlos Castillo, Chief Development Officer for Tidal Basin Group, was recently highlighted in The Guardian’s article addressing the challenging issue of extreme weather costs, especially concerning the relentless heatwaves experienced across the US.

Carlos emphasized the likelihood of the necessary funding coming through, although he shared concerns about the readiness for imminent heat events. With heatwaves standing as the deadliest weather disasters in the US, outpacing even tornadoes and hurricanes in their toll, Carlos underlined a crucial legislative gap: the absence of explicit recognition of heatwaves for major disaster declarations. Such declarations would empower states to access vital resources from the federal government in the face of such challenges.

Despite this legislative hurdle, Castillo pointed out that FEMA has other avenues available for states to bolster heat preparedness. He specifically cited the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities program, an initiative that offers grants designed to enhance resilience against various disasters, including devastating heatwaves.

You can read the full article here.