Tidal Basin has been recognized by GovCIO Outlook as the “Top Disaster Management Solutions 2024” provider and has featured Chief Executive Officer Daniel A. Craig, and Executive Vice President Melissa J. Gordon, as they discuss our holistic approach to emergency management solutions and large-scale, complex programs. The article from GovCIO Outlook emphasizes working together to share expertise across different industries for quick responses and resilience.  

Holistic Approach to Emergency Management Solutions

The article showcases that central to Tidal Basin’s success is our dedicated team of professionals, which includes former FEMA officials, emergency managers, urban planners, accountants, and engineers. This diverse expertise allows customized support, ensuring organizations and communities are well-prepared for any disaster. Our advanced proprietary software, Phoenix OneCase™, alongside the acquisition of Capraro Technologies, has significantly boosted our operational efficiency and value-added services for our clients. These advancements enable our team to provide swift, tailored solutions.   

Continuous Improvement and Innovation in Disaster Management

Our philosophy of continuous improvement and client feedback integrated into our services underscores our commitment to being “stronger than before.” Our approach emphasizes individual and community resilience and the protection and enhancement of critical infrastructures through technology. With initiatives like our contact center solutions under the TB Customer Relations LLC entity and collaborations for enhanced cloud and integration services, Tidal Basin sets a high standard in disaster management and complex, mission-focused program solutions. 

The “Top Disaster Management Solutions 2024” award and associated GovCIO Outlook article showcases our relentless drive to transfer knowledge and equip organizations and communities with the resources to effectively overcome and mitigate the impacts of disasters.  

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