We are proud to announce and congratulate Steve Glenn on his recent promotion to Vice President of Field Operations.

Steve has 29 years of experience managing large-scale disaster planning and response/recovery programs. He has trained local governments and private agencies in disaster planning, response, recovery and mitigation activities; coordinated local emergency planning committee activities; and trained, planned, conducted and evaluated large-scale disaster exercises.

Mr. Glenn currently serves as Deputy Vice President of Field Operations for Tidal Basin Government Consulting and coordinates operations for over 40 emergency management projects at the federal, state, and local levels.

As Infrastructure Branch Chief for FEMA Region IV, Steve oversaw the implementation of the Public Assistance Program for eight states totaling $7.6 billion in federal disaster funding. He served Recovery Chief and Disaster Recovery Manager for the 2004 Florida Hurricanes and well as Hurricane Katrina within the State of Mississippi.

As the Deputy Chief of Operations for the North Carolina Emergency Management Agency, he managed $250 million in FEMA grant programs and implemented the nation’s first quality assurance program for the Public Assistance Program.

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