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Why choose Tidal Basin’s Marcom services?

At Tidal Basin, we provide comprehensive emergency management and consulting solutions, backed by a full-service, in-house marketing, communications, and outreach (Marcom) team. Our experts deliver a strategic, customized approach to emergency management and public programs, ensuring effective communication, promotion, and public awareness.

Supporting you through every phase

Our team supports you through every phase of the emergency management lifecycle – from preparation, response, and recovery, to mitigation. Acting as an extension of your local representatives, we maintain consistency and proper messaging across all marketing and communication channels. Our proactive approach to establishing a strong MarCom program upfront is key to addressing concerns early and effectively.

Our Comprehensive MarCom Services

Our in-house Marketing and Communications team is equipped to provide a wide range of services, including:

Campaign Collateral Development and Distribution

  • Design, develop, and distribute printed and digital collateral
  • Collateral follows client brand, tone of voice, and messaging style
  • Distribution via email, social media, printed, or preferred client method
  • Content writing

Community Outreach

  • Develop community engagement plans
  • Identify and propose a suggested target list for outreach messaging
  • Prepare, design, and distribute educational materials
  • Ensure visually compelling materials and targeted communication

Crisis Communication and Media Support

  • Provide targeted outreach to print and broadcast media to secure one-on-one interviews and guaranteed coverage
  • Leverage project/program/client milestones to sustain positive media coverage
  • Provide crisis communications support for to mitigate negative media attention

Digital Advertising

  • Generate fact-based ads across digital and radio platforms to ensure messaging is received by community stakeholders, residents and visitors
  • Promote program/project/client specifics through digital advertising
  • Email template design and distribution per the client’s discretion and Tidal Basin’s program suggestion
  • Email campaign management and reach back assessment

Graphic Design and Template Development

  • Brand identity creation for clients and programs, including:
    • Logo development
    • Color scheme and graphic elements
    • Brand guidelines
  • Design templates for various marketing materials including:
    • Social media
    • Email
    • Sales documents (bi-fold, tri-fold, brochure, sales sheet)
    • Video campaigns
    • Stationary
  • Graphic development for various platforms
  • Generate compelling videos based on the client’s discretion

Social Media

  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media post development
  • Social media engagement
  • Social media promotions and KPI reporting

Website Development

  • Design and develop informational websites for client programs. Includes:
    • Site architecture
    • Wireframing
    • Graphic design
    • Development and platform configuration
    • Contenting
  • Project lifecycle website management, hosting and maintenance

Our team has supported and led multiple efforts nationwide, focusing on stakeholder engagement, outreach programs, content development, digital marketing, communications, collateral, graphics, videos, and other forms of engagement. We work closely with our emergency management experts, ensuring a holistic approach to our efforts.

Past projects supported include the following:

  • Colorado Department of Humans Services: Mass Care Emergency Assistance
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management: Hurricane Ian and Idalia Sheltering Programs, and Vaccine Distribution Program
  • Florida Department of Children and Families: OUR Florida Emergency Rental Assistance Program
  • Hawaii Emergency Management Agency: Maui Wildfires and COVID-19 After Action Report
  • Jersey City/Newark UASI: Emergency Operations Plan Development
  • Maine Emergency Management Agency: Cybersecurity Plan
  • Michigan State Police: COVID-19 After Action Report Program
  • Ramsey County, MN: Emergency Operations Plan Update

We have extensive experience building, managing, and leading crisis communication response efforts, marketing and public relations campaigns, and production of digital marketing tactics and content focused on specific preparedness efforts. This includes counterterrorism, security, and rail passenger safety.

Our methodology includes understanding client needs and end goals to develop, deliver, and educate on the communications at hand.

Meet our expert Marcom team

Our team is made up of skilled specialists with diverse expertise

Heather Stickler, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Heather Stickler

Chief Marketing Officer

Lea Price

Senior Director, Marketing

Cynthia Gutierrez-White

Senior Director, Communications

Joel Richardson

Senior Director, Digital Marketing

Sue Currie

Creative Director

Alyssa Daley

Marketing Specialist

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