In an insightful conversation, Thomas Wieberneit, host of YouTube’s podcast series called #CRMKonvos, interviewed Melissa Gordon, Tidal Basin’s Executive Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, at the recent ZohoDay24 event. The focus of their discussion revolved around the integration of Zoho’s tools within the company’s operations.  

Melissa advocates for the positive impact that Zoho solutions have had on Tidal Basin’s productivity and operational streamlining. But beyond technology, she believes that people and relationships drive success. “You’re only as good as your customer remembers,” she says, underlining the importance of customer relationships in any business. 

At Tidal Basin, we’ve always followed a people-first approach. Melissa elaborates, “As our CEO, Dan Craig, routinely says, ‘If you take care of your people and your customers, everything else will take care of itself.’” This customer-centric belief is reinforced in every aspect of our work.  

However, caring for clients and employees doesn’t negate the need for robust tools and technology. Instead, it necessitates them. “Tools are there to help you do your job better,” she explained, shedding light on our tech-driven approach to enhancing overall efficiency and customer service

The conversation highlighted how Tidal Basin has effectively leveraged Zoho’s solutions to fuel our growth trajectory and carve out a niche in the industry. Melissa’s insights clarify that aligning people, processes, and technology is pivotal to achieving our goals.  

Suppose you’re looking to streamline your company’s processes, improve productivity, and place people and customers at the heart of your business. In that case, the full interview with Melissa Gordon is a must-view. During the ZohoDay24 event, Melissa was also interviewed by Diginomica, a media/analyst digital publication serving enterprise leaders in the digital era. In their article, “ZohoDay 2024 – how customers overcome industry challenges with the Zoho platform,” Diginomica shared how various industries overcome challenges with Zoho’s platform solutions. The article pulled cues from their interview with Melissa Gordon, where she emphasized the significant advantage of Zoho’s flexibility, highlighting custom workflows that are intuitive and integral to Tidal Basin’s efficient service delivery. Her strategic insight on system integration exemplifies the convenience and cohesion that Zoho solutions bring to the forefront while emphasizing the importance of presenting a unified, user-friendly system to the client. 

By seamlessly integrating tech, we have achieved operational excellence and improved client satisfaction. Melissa’s interviews serve as guides for navigating evolving business landscapes, showing how the effective use of tools like Zoho can empower growth and success in the digital era