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Innovative Solutions for Enhanced
Emergency Management Services

Program Overview

Fostering Collaborative Emergency Management

Tidal Basin was built on the principle that when a disaster strikes, communities need to be empowered to facilitate their own recovery and work to enhance future resiliency. We work side-by-side with your team to provide a comprehensive range of services and customized approaches to manage your preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation needs.

Our emergency support services align with those requested by VDEM for the Emergency Consulting Contract, specifically those aligning with preparedness activities, recovery and mitigation efforts, and sub-recipient management.


Collaborative History of Process and Personnel Support

Tidal Basin’s long history of working with VDEM’s personnel, systems, and processes allows us to understand the preferred framework and inner workings for managing projects and tasks to meet the department’s expectations. Closely aligning with VDEM’s strategic plan, mission, and vision, we bring a comprehensive emergency management approach, enabling the protection of lives and property and enhancing and building resilience against future disasters and emergencies.

Tidal Basin Selected VDEM Project Categories:
B1 – B5; C1 – C3; E1 – E4; F1, F2, F3 – F6; I1 – I4

Your Team

Expertise and Support for Emergency Management

Tidal Basin takes pride in our ability to assist all our clients, including VDEM, with identifying and achieving their emergency management and disaster recovery goals. We maintain high standards with the integrity of our staff and deliver quality work with the best value. Our goal is to support VDEM in receiving an exceptional return on their investment for the agency and communities within the State of Virginia.

Our team is here to support your government, facility, organization and community. We encourage you to reach out to discuss ways to enhance your resilience through consultant participation and collaboration.

Charles Young
Senior Director, Contract Management [email protected]
Andrew Seve
Deputy Director, Recovery [email protected]


Get valuable resources for enhanced emergency preparedness and response

Disaster Response and Recovery Support Services for Hawaii

Hawai‘i has suffered many back-to-back disasters. After dealing with staff turnover and retirements of mitigation staff, the state asked Tidal Basin to assist with managing the mitigation program at Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA).

The State of Hawai’i required a wide range of disaster recovery support services on an emergency standby basis. Under this contract, the state required assistance with FEMA Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation program services. Tidal Basin is currently assisting the state today.

Download the brochure to dive deeper into how Tidal Basin partnered with Hawaii for enhanced disaster response and recovery support services.

Crisis Leadership Team Hybrid Workshop and Tabletop Exercise

In April 2023, the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the City of Los Angeles, and other federal partners participated in a hybrid workshop tabletop exercise facilitated by Tidal Basin Government Consulting (Tidal Basin) preparedness experts. LAWA required a consultant to create an exercise addressing multiple scenarios focused on intentional acts designed to cause harm to the airport, personnel, and passengers.

Download the brochure to dive deeper into how Tidal Basin partnered with LAWA for enhanced airport preparedness.

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