Tidal Basin’s Director of Preparedness, Resiliency, and Emergency Management (PREM), Ashlee Delventhal, CEM, CM recently published an article entitled“Getting Ahead of COVID-19” in the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)’s Bulletin.

“We are faced with an unprecedented situation, with a broader reach than any of us have experienced. Traditionally, emergency managers respond to localized events in their communities or deploy to another one, yet this event has touched every country in the world. Having awareness of and planning for challenges now will allow for a smoother path of recovery and community resilience – until we are confronted with the next emergency that will inevitably require our efforts and attention.” – Ashlee Delventhal

This article discusses important topics for Emergency Managers amidst the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic:

  • Prepare for Cascading Effects
  • Volunteer and Donations Management
  • Document, Document, Document
  • Plan for Recovery (Now!),
  • And more

To read online, click here and jump to page 32.

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