Coronavirus (COVID-19) Assistance

Our team of leading experts are supporting states as they implement flexible, scalable and phased vaccination programs as response to COVID-19 continues. Our team is skilled in program management; tracking, monitoring and billing through software platforms; call center support and case management; and in-person and virtual communication with communities.

Specialists in our FEMA Public Assistance Recovery, HUD CDBG, and Preparedness divisions are regularly updating the information and resources available on our COVID-19 information page.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Disaster Assistance

Tidal Basin prides itself on providing expert advisory and program management support for COVID-19 recovery programs. We are committed to building our clients' capacity and resilience through shared expertise and knowledge transfer. We are the partner you want by your side - helping you get through some of the most devastating events that you and your communities may face.

Our team has stood up operations for large-scale COVID-19 recovery programs and have made adjustments to ongoing engagements in response to the pandemic. Our team of experts are actively providing COVID-19 related Federal program support to eight states, and supporting COVID-19 vaccine implementation planning and distribution.

Our Recovery and CDBG experts facilitate the federal grants management process for states, healthcare systems, hospitals, universities and colleges, airport authorities, local governments, and other eligible applicants. We specialize in navigating and staying in compliance with multiple, overlapping federal funding programs, including those authorized under the CARES Act and Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP).

Our Preparedness team is actively assisting emergency managers across the country with their responses and after-action reporting and with planning for response to other hazards that can affect our communities during a pandemic. The Tidal Basin team is working with clients around the nation on updates of pandemic or infectious disease plans by supporting the development and revision of continuity of operations, business continuity, and emergency operations plans.

We have developed and gathered resources and information to assist you with this process and keep you on top of emerging information. Preparedness doesn’t stop, and we’re here to support you when you need it. Contact us now for assistance.

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