We are proud to announce and welcome three new employees to the Tidal Basin team – Christina Crue, Kristopher Prickett, and Stephanie Murphy.

  • Christina Crue, MS, CEM, MEP leads Tidal Basin’s Preparedness Practice as the Senior Director of Preparedness. Christina has long focused on enhancing the capabilities of business and governments to prepare for, respond to, mitigate against, and recover from all types of hazards. Areas of strong expertise include the development and delivery of exercises, training courses, and other experiential learning opportunities, as well as advising clients on improvement and strategic planning at all levels of government and private sectors.

    Christina has led projects ranging from supporting national-level emergency response operations to developing and evaluating the most realistic and complex exercises. A highly experienced educator, Christina has presented countless preparedness courses and exercises worldwide.

  • Kristopher Prickett joins Tidal Basin as a Project Manager with extensive knowledge in disaster preparedness and recovery as a professional emergency manager, law enforcement officer and firefighter with over a decade of experience. Mr. Prickett served as an emergency manager for a major metropolitan healthcare system coordinating the system response to the U.S. Ebola event and multiple declared disasters as well as implementing the first National Weather Service Storm Ready designated healthcare facility in Metro Atlanta.

    Mr. Prickett has demonstrated high levels of documented success in qualifying and quantifying healthcare risk and mitigation needs in inpatient, outpatient and behavioral health clinical settings with a focus on all hazards emergency / business continuity planning. Mr. Prickett also has extensive experience designing and implementing Active Shooter training programs for healthcare facilities.

  • Stephanie Murphy MS, CEM, Senior Director of Transportation, is certified by the DHS Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and has designed, coordinated, evaluated and directed over 100+ domestic and international exercises ranging from terrorism, transportation and natural hazard incidents. As an instructor for over 15 years, Ms. Murphy has facilitated over 1000+ hours of classroom training including ICS, NIMS, Incident Action Planning, crisis action planning development, and BCP/COOP.

    As a Regional and National Planner, Ms. Murphy has wide-ranging experience developing strategic, operational, and tactical level plans at all levels of government.

    Ms. Murphy is a recognized expert in her field and throughout her career has been presented with awards for Core Values of Collaboration, Quality of Service, Performance, Innovation, and Teamwork.