Kristopher Prickett

Kristopher J. Prickett

Director of Healthcare Services

Professional Profile

Kristopher Prickett has extensive knowledge in disaster preparedness and recovery as a professional emergency manager, law enforcement officer and firefighter with over a decade of experience. Mr. Prickett served as an emergency manager for a major metropolitan healthcare system coordinating the system response to the U.S. Ebola event and multiple declared disasters as well as implementing the first National Weather Service Storm Ready designated healthcare facility in Metro Atlanta. Mr. Prickett has demonstrated high levels of documented success in qualifying and quantifying healthcare risk and mitigation needs in inpatient, outpatient and behavioral health clinical settings with a focus on all hazards emergency / business continuity planning. Mr. Prickett also has extensive experience designing and implementing Active Shooter training programs for healthcare facilities.

Mr. Prickett is an experienced federal program manager having coordinated and implemented the first successful iteration of the Shelter and Temporary Emergency Power (STEP) Pilot Program in the Florida Keys following the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Mr. Prickett subsequently served as an advisor to the STEP program in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands following Hurricane Maria and provided substantial input on the development of permanent FEMA STEP program guidance.

Mr. Prickett is a certified instructor with a passion for academics. Mr. Prickett is published in multiple academic and trade journals, most recently publishing novel research on Plain Language Emergency Alert Codes: The Importance of Direct Impact Statements in Hospital Emergency Alerts in the Journal of Emergency Management.

Disaster Experience

  • Kentucky, 4361-DR-KY, Mudslides
  • Preliminary Damage Assessment Team, Kentucky 4361-DR-KY
  • Kentucky, 4358-DR-KY, Severe Winter Storms
  • Preliminary Damage Assessment Team, Kentucky, 4358-DR-KY
  • Preliminary Damage Assessment Team, Alabama, 4262-DR-AL
  • STEP Advisor, 4339-DR-PR, Hurricane Maria
  • STEP Advisor, 4340-DR-VI, Hurricane Maria
  • STEP Program Manager, 4337-DR-FL, Hurricane Irma
  • Georgia, 4338-DR-GA, Hurricane Irma
  • Preliminary Damage Assessment Team, Georgia, 4338-DR-GA
  • Tennessee, 4293-DR-TN, Wildfires
  • South Carolina, DR-4286-SC, Hurricane Matthew
  • Georgia, 4284-DR-GA, Hurricane Matthew
  • North Carolina, 4285-DR-NC, Hurricane Matthew


  • FEMA Program Delivery Manager
  • DHS Instructor
  • Hazardous Materials Technician
  • Hospital Emergency Manager
  • HSEEP Instructor
  • IRTB Instructor
  • PRSBI Instructor

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