We are excited to welcome Gregory A. Parsons as our new Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. With over 30 years of experience in technology and leadership across diverse industries, such as travel, logistics, healthcare, and more, Greg is well-equipped to steer our technological innovations forward. 

“I’m thrilled to join Tidal Basin as the new Chief Information Officer,” said Parsons. “I was drawn to Tidal Basin because of their mission to help organizations and communities become more resilient to disasters.”  

He held strategic roles throughout his career, influencing growth and technological advancements within significant national and global organizations. Before joining Tidal Basin, he was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MHMR of Tarrant County, where he successfully overhauled outdated technological infrastructures to meet stringent state and federal standards. As the Division Chief Technology Officer at Sabre, he led the transition to hybrid cloud environments, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and generating substantial cost savings. 

Additionally, his role at Jericho Systems as Chief Technology Officer involved leading advanced software engineering initiatives in partnership with significant federal entities such as the US Department of Defense. This role underscored his exceptional capability to handle complex technological projects and collaborate effectively with high-stakes partners. 

Greg’s vast experience and impactful contributions in managing large-scale technology initiatives demonstrate his profound influence on the technological and operational excellence of the organizations he has been part of. 

“I’m excited to leverage my technology experience to enhance Tidal Basin’s capabilities in serving those in need more efficiently and effectively. I find great satisfaction in knowing that my work directly contributes to a greater cause.” – Greg Parsons 

Please join us in warmly welcoming Greg Parsons to the Tidal Basin team. We are confident his visionary leadership and extensive experience will drive our technology strategies forward, ensuring our continued growth and innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape.