We are excited to announce that Michael Baker International acquired MLU Services, Inc. (MLU), a national logistics and disaster response firm headquartered in Athens, Georgia. The MLU team will be integrated as a new division in Tidal Basin Group’s corporate structure. The addition of MLU on the Tidal Basin team is a pivotal move that enhances our ability to provide wrap-around disaster logistics and response services, bringing added value to the clients and communities we serve.

Creating a New Benchmark in Turnkey Resiliency Consulting and Technology Solutions

Bigger, bolder, and better, we’re not just raising the bar; we’re setting a whole new industry benchmark for wrap-around program management consulting for resiliency and technology solutions. The addition of MLU creates a complete continuum offering turnkey program management solutions in technology, resilience, and emergency management within a single enterprise.  

Our combined team — Tidal Basin, Michael Baker, and MLU — offers a complete suite of services that span the full emergency management spectrum, from pre-disaster preparedness, sustainability, and resilience services to emergency response in the critical hours and days following a disaster to long-term disaster recovery, mitigation, engineering design, and construction to build stronger, more resilient organizations and communities. 

As Brian A. Lutes, Chief Executive Officer of Michael Baker International, said, “Integrating MLU with Michael Baker International to complement and diversify the offerings of the Tidal Basin team enhances our combined capacity to offer swift, comprehensive resiliency consulting and technology solutions nationwide for the public and private sectors.” 

We are uniquely positioned in the industry by combining MLU’s extensive experience in logistics and disaster response with our expertise in the full emergency management lifecycle and advanced development of grant and case management technology, along with Michael Baker’s technology, planning, engineering design, and construction capabilities. Together, we set a new benchmark in full-spectrum program management consulting for technology, resilience, and emergency management solutions.

A Unified Vision for Resilience and Recovery

“This acquisition isn’t just about growth; it’s about uniting our strengths to help our clients and the communities we serve to forge a resilient future. Together with MLU and Michael Baker, we’re setting new industry standards in comprehensive disaster management and technology solutions, ensuring communities not only bounce back but leap forward stronger than before,” said Daniel A. Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Tidal Basin. 

This acquisition expands our team and extends our geographic reach. We now have a combined team of over 4,500 professionals and 100+ physical offices and service locations nationwide. This extensive network allows us to provide rapid and effective disaster response, delivering timely, on-the-ground support to affected organizations and communities.

Impact on Communities and Infrastructure

Our collaborative efforts with Michael Baker and MLU have already demonstrated significant positive impacts nationwide. This acquisition enhances our ability to manage and execute large-scale projects, furthering our dedication to improving the well-being of communities and promoting environmental sustainability. 

James Kelley, President of MLU Services, Inc., remarked, “This acquisition marks a significant milestone for our companies and clients. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to deliver top-notch disaster response and resiliency solutions. Combining the companies allows us to focus on immediate relief and long-term success for our clients in a better and more diversified way.”

A Future of Integrated Solutions

The addition of MLU creates a holistic, technology-driven, and resilience-focused program management consulting enterprise providing technology, resilience, and emergency management solutions. We are poised to lead the industry, ensuring that our clients are prepared for, can respond to, and recover from any adversity they may face. Together, we will build a resilient future where everyone can Be Stronger Than Before®.

Learn more about this exciting announcement by reading the press release here.