Tidal Basin Cares, the philanthropic wing of Tidal Basin Group, recently donated $10,000 to “Tip of the Spear,” a non-profit founded by Ryan Hendrickson that focuses on demining and training. 

Hendrickson, a decorated veteran, and former Special Forces Engineer, has applied his extensive military experience from deployments across Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Americas to this cause. On a personal level, Hendrickson’s drive to help people impacted by explosives comes from a life-altering injury when he stepped on an IED. 

“Our support for Tip of the Spear reflects a fundamental aspect of our mission: to help protect and restore communities. We are proud to support Ryan Hendrickson and his team in their vital work, which removes physical threats to help communities to move forward,” said Daniel A. Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Tidal Basin. 

Tip of the Spear operates with a profound humanitarian mission — to save lives and limbs and restore the right to live free from landmines and explosive hazards. This mission is driven by the belief that no one should live in fear of their next step, making their work globally essential, particularly in high-risk areas like Ukraine. 

In Ukraine, the presence of land mines poses a high risk to civilians and impedes recovery and rebuilding efforts. The funds from Tidal Basin will assist Tip of the Spear’s ongoing projects in the region, collaborating with local authorities to locate and eradicate landmines. 

This donation is part of a broader effort by Tidal Basin Cares to assist communities in crisis and emphasize the importance of safety and community resilience.