The past year was filled with many employee achievements and changes to our industry of disaster preparedness and recovery. As we celebrate the new year, we look back at our top performing stories from 2018 according to you, our followers!

1.) “Tidal Basin Conducts Large, Full-Scale Exercise at Palmetto General Hospital”

Christina Crue, Adriel Sanchez, Kristopher Prickett, and Mollie Matthews recently conducted a large, full-scale exercise at Palmetto General Hospital in conjunction with the Hialeah Fire Department in Florida. The drills and exercises tested the hospital’s ability to effectively execute their mass-casualty surge plan.

2.) “Tidal Basin Experts Conduct LA Recovery Lecture Series”

Our team of experts recently conducted presentations at the LA County Recovery Lecture Series held by the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management in Rosemead, California

[image src=”/assets/Newsroom/220d29cbd1/Blood-Drive-3.png” id=”4008″ width=”400″ height=”400″ class=”right ss-htmleditorfield-file image” title=”Blood Drive 3″]3.) “RPHC Holds Blood Drive”

Tidal Basin’s parent company, Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation (RPHC) recently coordinated a Blood Drive in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico where a total of 73 pints were collected. This Drive helped to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood and will benefit patients with cancer, open heart surgery, and organ transplantation.

4.) “Tidal Basin’s Kristopher Prickett authors “Plain language emergency alert codes: The importance of direct impact statements in hospital emergency alerts”

Kristopher Prickett, Director of Healthcare Services at Tidal Basin was recently featured as an author in the Journal of Emergency Management for his publication titled, “Plain language emergency alert codes: The importance of direct impact statements in hospital emergency alerts.”

5.) “New Disaster Recovery Today Released! State-Managed Disasters: An Interview with Arizona’s Director of Emergency Management”

Dan Craig, Senior Vice President at Tidal Basin interviewed Arizona’s Director of Emergency Management, Wendy Smith-Reeve for our newest Disaster Recovery Today publication piece titled, “State-Managed Disasters: An Interview with Arizona’s Director of Emergency Management.”

6.) “A Word from Dave Andrews, Vice President to Hurricane Florence & Michael Survivors”

Many areas affected by Hurricane Florence & Michael have not experienced a federal disaster declaration in numerous years. Since then, a lot has changed with how FEMA implements their Public Assistance program for eligible state and local governments, organizations, and communities.

7.) “September is National Preparedness Month – Ways to Ensure You’re Ready”

A three-step process for communities and organizations to ensure their preparedness for a man-made or natural disaster.

[image src=”/assets/Newsroom/1b6f4282cd/Evacuation-Disaster-Preparedness-Disaster-Plan-2.png” id=”3466″ width=”450″ height=”270″ class=”right ss-htmleditorfield-file image” title=”Evacuation Disaster Preparedness Disaster Plan 2″]8.) “Tidal Basin Stands Ready to Assist – Tips for Hurricane Survivors”

Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas as a Category 1 hurricane. Florence caused thousands to lose power – homes, business, and communities are destroyed and the recovery process is just beginning. This news story contains tips for federal, State, local governments and the private sector post-hurricane concerning disaster recovery.

9.) “Steve Glenn Promoted to Vice President of Field Operations”

We are proud to announce and congratulate Steve Glenn on his recent promotion to Vice President of Field Operations.

10.) “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation (RPHC), Tidal Basin’s parent company, is proud to be raising awareness in Puerto Rico by wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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