Every state in the country has been faced with challenges in scheduling, managing, and administering the COVID-19 vaccine. To support this complex task, the Tidal Basin Group is offering a portfolio of services including program management, call center support and logistics, case management, digital technology and software solutions, staff augmentation and EOC support, logistics management, and grant and program management.

Call Center Assistance and Case Management

The first few months of the vaccine rollout have exposed challenges for states in managing the implementation of the first and seconddoses. Since early January, the Tidal Basin Group has supported the State of Florida’s comprehensive vaccine rollout program, including setting up a call center within 48 hours to schedule vaccine appointments and establishing help lines in all 67 counties to address citizen questions and concerns. Within the first 30 days of operation, our call center processed over 3 million calls and pre-registered over 1 million eligible residents through the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. In Florida, our virtual call center has been able to scale to over 6,000 call agents to address surge and peak demand and our agents have confirmed and scheduled over 260,000 vaccine appointments.

Our capabilities also include resources and a team of experts to augment workforce capacity, which enables state workers to continue their mission. Our support includes:

  • Intake services and providing information to residents
  • Support for Public Health messaging
  • Conducting outreach and messaging campaigns to notify residents about the vaccine
  • Encouraging residents to receive the vaccine at the closest vaccination center
  • Providing well-trained, experienced multilingual operators
  • Tracking vaccine caseload
  • Dedicated case managers who assist residents and ensure vaccine schedule adherence
  • Tracking and scheduling of first and second vaccine doses using robust scheduling software via our teaming partner, Sharecare

Technology Assistance

Supporting a statewide vaccine rollout requires an advanced IT infrastructure with a bandwidth to process the data to support vaccinating the public. The Tidal Basin team has the capability to alleviate strains placed on IT systems during the vaccine rollout and distribution process. Our available support in conjunction with our teaming partners, include:

  • Vaccine Tracking – from the manufacturer to the end user ensuring every stage of the vaccine process is tracked and monitored.
  • Single Source of Truth for Data – Ensures multiple data sets are integrated, cleansed, validated, and enriched.
  • Expertise in Data and Analytics – Access to 20 years of government experience with knowledge and insights of HHS requirements.
  • Cross functionality to provide 360° analysis to monitor quality, cost, accessibility, and engagement.

Grant and Program Management

Executing a statewide vaccine distribution program can have financial impacts on state resources. Our support includes combining our knowledge and experience to help states maximize available funding from the Cares Act, HHS, FEMA, and other grant programs. We can provide grant and program management services throughout all phases of the recovery process to help states with:

[image src=”/assets/Process.png” id=”35470″ width=”600″ height=”177″ class=”leftAlone ss-htmleditorfield-file image” alt=”Disaster Recovery Process”]

Check out our short explainer video of these services, here.

To learn more about our COVID-19 Vaccine support services for your state, please contact us today.