OurDirector of Recovery, Allen Davis, was recently interviewed by STAT. He weighed in on how FEMA funds could be used for COVID-19 Care.

“FEMA’s Public Assistance program requires an extreme level of detail down to who did the work, what they were doing, on what day, at what time, for how long,” said Allen Davis, a director on Tidal Basin Group’s disaster recovery team with more than a decade of experience working with FEMA.

The article on STATnews.com focuses on different funding opportunities for hospitals impacted by COVID-19 costs:

The federal health department shut down a program that paid hospitals and clinics for caring for uninsured Covid-19 patients, but some hospitals are now eyeing a backdoor option to get those costs paid for.

Throughout much of the pandemic, the costs of testing, vaccinating, and treating uninsured patients were mostly funneled to a multi-billion-dollar program run by the Health Resources and Services Administration, but that program ran out of money and shut down in April. The program paid out more than $1 billion per month, which means its closure was a big hit for some facilities that serve large numbers of uninsured patients.

Read the full article at STATNews.com.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, FEMA has had a program to pay nonprofit hospitals and clinics for costs related to COVID-19 including building temporary units, paying contract staff, buying personal protective equipment.[image src=”/assets/covid-insurance.jpg” id=”40013″ width=”499″ height=”281″ class=”right ss-htmleditorfield-file image”]

That program also states, if there’s no alternative payer available, that medical treatment for COVID-19 patients could be reimbursed, as well. A FEMA policy states the agency will cover some care for COVID-19 patients, including emergency medical transportation, tests, medical treatment, and prescriptions.

Tidal Basin’s knowledgeable team of experts can assist facilities in navigating this FEMA funding program and securing reimbursement for COVID-19 related costs.

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