Congratulations toJake Gray, Bailey deRouen, and Daina Ruback on their recent promotions.

Jake Gray has been promoted to Senior Director of Mitigation. Jake has been dedicated to enhancing and building Tidal Basin’s mitigation practice. Jake previously served as the State Hazard Mitigation Officer for the State of Kansas prior to joining Tidal Basin in 2019. He has had an integral part in managing mitigation grant opportunities and project staff in the field, further pushing mitigation into the spotlight and supporting Tidal Basin’s growing line of pre- and post-disaster mitigation services.

Bailey deRouen has been promoted to Director of Community Development, Housing and Infrastructure. Bailey previously served the City of New York Office of Management and Budget in programs and policy supervisor positions. She specializes in federal procurement regulations, subrecipient management, and CDBG-DR-funded FEMA local match, supporting the Community Development, Housing, and Infrastructure team since joining Tidal Basin in late 2019.

Likewise, Daina Ruback has also been promoted to Director of CDBG. Daina has helped build out our CDBG-DR work since coming to Tidal Basin last year. She previously served the City of New York in various capacities in the Office of Management and Budget’s Community Development Program Unit. Daina is extremely well-versed in the 24 CFR 570 CDBG regulations and the 2 CFR 200 federal procurement regulations.