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Jacob S. Gray

Senior Director of Mitigation

Professional Profile

Mr. Jacob Gray, former State Hazard Mitigation Officer (SHMO), has over 17 plus years of experience in the areas of mitigation planning project management, mitigation grants management, risk identification, and vulnerability assessments in Homeland Security and Emergency Management fields. Jacob currently serves as the Senior Director of Mitigation for Tidal Basin Government Consulting. 

Prior to his Tidal Basin tenure Mr. Gray served as the SHMO for the State of Kansas, where he developed a comprehensive mitigation grant program and a mitigation planning program ensuring most of the population in Kansas was covered under planning requirements, at no expense to the local jurisdictions. He spearheaded three state multi-jurisdictional mitigation plan updates, the most recent being approved in November 2018. His leadership, forward thinking, and experience in mitigation planning ensured the state and all locals jurisdictions met deadlines accomplish future mitigation plans and meet all grant deadlines.

Mr. Gray implemented a GIS based software program outlining all grant projects accomplished in Kansas going back to 1993. This program outlined all safe rooms, home buyouts, generators, weather radios, warning sirens, electrical infrastructure retrofits, severe repetitive loss properties, repetitive loss properties, the amount spent on these projects and the estimated losses avoided from these projects. Before this, Mr. Gray worked as a Homeland Security Vulnerability Specialist with Kansas conducting security assessments of military installations, courthouses, hospitals, schools, chemical facilities, potential strategic national stockpile sites and water treatment facilities.

Mr. Gray also spent 5 years in the US Navy as a gunner’s mate/security specialist training fellow staff and conducing visit board search and seizure operations during Operation Enduring Freedom and numerous other duties.

Jacob lives in Kansas with his wife and four children. He enjoys hunting, fishing, the outdoors, movies, gaming, and classic cars.

Disaster Experience

Mitigation and Risk Assessments. Mr. Gray was project manager on multiple state mitigation plan updates ensuring milestones and deliverables were met. As vice-chair of the Kanas Hazard Mitigation Team he oversaw planning quarterly meetings and getting all fellow planning federal/state/local partners to the meeting to discuss risk assessment and planned action items to mitigate the threats the state faced. In doing so as the SHMO he was able to target the most significant risks from the comprehensive risk assessment and mitigate those with exceptional project management experience and federal grant dollars when available. When not conducting SHMO duties Mr. Gray served as logistics chief in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) for over 15 federally declared disasters and numerous emergency activations. As logistics chief he assisted in development of boards in WebEOC to streamline and provide clear instructions for requests for state and federal resources.

Training. Mr. Gray has trained personnel throughout all his work experiences. Most recently he instructed county/local emergency managers on mitigation programs and planning throughout the state. Mr. Gray has assisted in the development of FEMA mitigation classes still given at Emergency Management Institute (EMI) and as independent study courses.

Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA). Mr. Gray serving as the SHMO has conducted hundreds of BCA’s for safe rooms, protection of critical infrastructure, home buyouts, flood control projects, and wildfire fuels reduction projects, some utilizing the damage frequency estimator tool.

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