How the United Way is Responding to COVID-19 and Other Disasters in 2020

What we’re talking about

The United Way has over 1,100 chapters around the United States supporting needs in local communities. The largest privately funded non-profit supports many needs, especially after a disaster. During 2020, the non-profit has stepped up to fill in the gaps typically provided by local organizations and agencies, including food banks, and other necessary services lacking as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics Covered:

  • United Way’s local chapters adjusted how they deliver services during the pandemic to account for families who have kids home from school, family members losing their jobs, and those who need supplemental food.
  • Many local nonprofits are struggling to deliver their normal services due to the pandemic, and the United Way is helping to step in and support those needs.
  • There are many ways for people to support the United Way. They can volunteer virtually, donate to their local chapter, or volunteer in-person with United Way activities in the community.
  • This year the United Way has supported several major disasters around the U.S. including the California Wildfires, the Gulf Coast hurricanes, and the pandemic impacts in communities around the country.

Additional Information