In a recent Disaster Recovery Journal feature, Chris Denney, Program Manager of Debris Services, emphasized the importance of debris removal in disaster recovery. He urged local governments to learn how to manage debris removal safely and efficiently before disasters strike.

Denney highlighted the need for comprehensive debris management plans and strong collaboration among public agencies, private sector partners, and community members. By proactively implementing best practices and fostering cooperation, local governments can ensure a smoother and more efficient recovery process for their communities.

From the article:

“Debris removal following a disaster occurs across the country every year, and with the potential for widespread flooding, this spring of 2023 will be no different. There are important lessons that can show local governments how to manage debris removal safely, effectively, and efficiently after a disaster. Still, those lessons need to be applied before the flood waters rise, and hurricane season begins. Doing so can make a difference in being truly prepared.”

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