Stephanie Murphy, MS, CEM, Tidal Basin’s Vice President of Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Management (PREM) published an article in the June/July 2020 issue of Airport Magazine.

Airport Magazine has a global readership of more than 23,000, including aviation policymakers, high-ranking government officials from around the world, and corporate executives in every sector of the industry.

This edition of Airport Magazine focuses on how the airport community is responding to the current pandemic. Stephanie Murphy’s contribution delivers valuable information to readers about the process of creating a preparedness plan.

Stephanie’s feature highlights the three missions of preparedness, whether an organization is planning for a pandemic or any other potential hazard at the airport or in the region where the airport is located.

  • Keep staff and customers safe.
  • Maintain strong business continuity throughout the incident, as well as during continuity of operations planning and plan development.
  • Any human resources or other policies should be identified to support sick or quarantined staff members.

To read the full article by Stephanie, “Creating a Crisis Preparedness Plan,” click here.

Read the June / July issue of Airport Magazine here.

For further information on airport preparedness in response to COVID-19, visit the American Association of Airport Executive’s Pandemic Planning Resources page.