We are happy to announce Ross Donaldson, who recently joined as Tidal Basin’s new Assistant Vice President of our Customer Relations Practice. In this role, he will oversee the contact center solutions, bringing his experience in operations leadership, technology integration, and customer experience management.  

“Tidal Basin’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their mission captivated me, making my decision to join the team easy.” said Ross. “The opportunity to contribute to such impactful work and be a part of their exciting growth journey was something I couldn’t find anywhere else.” 

With over a decade of experience in the banking, investments, and payment sectors, Ross brings a proven track record in spearheading operational excellence, technological integration, and driving client satisfaction. Before joining Tidal Basin, Ross served as the Head of US Operations at Trust Payments, where his strategic leadership resulted in a 10% increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and a significant 15% reduction in overall costs. His expertise in implementing transformative initiatives led to a 10% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR).  

Previously, at Wayfair LLC as a Senior Operations Manager, Ross’s contributions to site design led to a 30% improvement in facility design efficiency. He also directed a customer support team, significantly reducing customer query resolution time by 25%. At Citigroup, Ross and his teams exceeded KPIs, maintained a rank of #1 out of 13 Operations Managers nationwide, and assisted in the successful launch of the Costco Citi branded credit card. 

“With over a decade of experience across diverse industries, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of operational excellence and technological integration. I’m excited to leverage my expertise to not only enhance our customer relations practice but to set new benchmarks for satisfaction and efficiency.” – Ross Donaldson 

Please join us in welcoming Ross to the team! With his proven approach to problem-solving and decision-making, Tidal Basin clients can expect exceptional service and the highest standards of professionalism. We look forward to the talent, energy, and fresh perspectives he brings to the table.