Tidal Basin’s Carlos Castillo, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer, and James Joseph, Corporate Chief of Staff, were recently guest lecturers at Florida International University. Nearly 60 students in the FIU International Disaster Response and Recovery Master’s Program were in attendance.

Carlos and Joseph shared their firsthand experiences of managing disaster recovery for large-scale events. While teaching the theoretical aspects of the FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework, Castillo and Joseph also provided overviews of the operational aspects of recovery, and how it nests with local, state, and tribal recovery.

They also spoke on how other state and federal agencies play key roles in a local community’s short and long-term recovery efforts. Their real-life examples with practical and factual examples from the field were applauded by the students and faculty of FIU.

Tidal Basin’s Daylen Docampo Perez,Associate General Counsel, and Adriel Sanchez, State Director, also joined the group for a panel discussion as part of the class.