Tidal Basin deeply believes that preparedness creates resilience and minimizes risks and disruption. We support our clients every day by helping them become more prepared and ready to effectively respond to and recover from any disaster that may come their way. Admittedly, in being so focused on helping our clients, we sometimes forget to address our own personal and family preparedness. With September being National Preparedness Month, we decided to take the opportunity to develop resources that will be shared throughout the month – starting with our Personal and Family Preparedness Guide which can be found here.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Creating your family emergency plan
  • Assessing your vulnerability
  • Evacuation or shelter-in-place guidelines
  • Guidelines for pets
  • Family reunification plan
  • Family drills
  • Creating and maintaining a “go” kit
  • Critical documents
  • Financial preparedness
  • Storage and access of vital information
  • Insurance
  • Protection during flu season and a pandemic
  • Resources

Keep checking back on this page for additional resources and information throughout September for National Preparedness Month. We hope that you’ll find value in the tools and information for your own personal preparedness.If you have any questions or are seeking additional resources, please visit our planning page or contact our PREM team.