On August 10th, Moises Nova, Associate Project Manager, was recognized by FEMA and received the Core Values Award for Respect. Seven months ago, Moises was deployed to Anchorage, Alaska, from the Lake Mary office to help the 35 communities along Alaska’s 1,300 miles of western coastline affected by Typhoon Merbok. Since February 2023, Moises has coordinated with FEMA, State, and other agencies on damage assessments in the field and has guided many residents through the FEMA public assistance program. 

His exemplary efforts and positive attitude led members of FEMA Region 10 to nominate him for this award.

“He has consistently shown integrity, respect, and kindness in working with his fellow emergency managers. During DR-4672-AK’s field operations specific to the site inspections, Moises was consistently mindful of process and respectful of his colleagues from State and FEMA,” said Tara T. Moore, FEMA’s Planning Section Chief/C&E, Planning & Exercise Division, and Response Directorate. “He is courteous and collaborative and is part of the solutions when challenges occur during our logistically complex operations. Moises is an example of a partner that works with the attitude of one team and is an individual who will work with you, respect your ideas, and partner with you with solutions.”

Flanked by Lance “Duke” Davis, the Federal Coordinating Officer/Field Leadership Directorate/Region 10, Lori Borman, Tidal Basin’s Project Manager in Alaska, Bill Slater, Tidal Basin’s Vice President of Response and Recovery, and Al Cavallo, Disaster/Public Assistance Program Manager and State Coordinating Officer for the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Moises was given his certificate of recognition.

Moises credits his Tidal Basin team for the successes achieved in Alaska. “This is a rock-solid team, and I’m so proud of everything we have achieved together.”