We are thrilled to announce an exciting chapter in our journey of growth and success! Tidal Basin is forging alliances through its acquisition by Michael Baker International (Michael Baker), a leading engineering, planning, and consulting services firm, and DC Capital Partners (DC Capital), a distinguished private investment firm.

Tidal Basin and Michael Baker have a history of working together on projects throughout the country, including projects targeting wildfires in California, recovery programs in Florida, and infrastructure projects in Colorado and New York. Working more closely together will allow both firms to provide even stronger program and technical management expertise and resources to clients, including governments, businesses, and communities.

Founded with a focus on disaster recovery services, Tidal Basin Group has evolved over the years, offering comprehensive emergency management services; enterprise solutions that encompass financial management, contact and customer relations, and a full suite of technology solutions including their proprietary Phoenix OneCase case management software; and an array of government program management solutions. With its impressive track record, Tidal Basin has solidified its position as a frontrunner in the emergency and disaster management industry.

The combined capabilities of Tidal Basin and Michael Baker captures the continuum of disasters from providing pre-disaster planning and resiliency solutions—to post-disaster response and recovery grant and infrastructure program management accompanied by full-service design, engineering, construction, and technology solutions. This full spectrum of pre- and post-disaster services provides us with the opportunity to fully transform and empower your organizations and communities to become more resilient and Be stronger than before™. 

“This acquisition is a momentous occasion for Tidal Basin as we continue our growth and industry leadership journey. We are thrilled to join forces with DC Capital and Michael Baker International, who have a history of strategic planning, a focus on growth that matches ours, and shares our vision, values, and commitment to excellence,” said Daniel A. Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Tidal Basin. “With this stronger collaboration, we are confident in our ability to further innovate, expand, and serve our clients and partners with unparalleled quality and value.”

As we step into this transformative chapter, Tidal Basin will remain operating as a stand-alone entity and its operations, staff, and projects will remain unaffected. Our company’s essence, culture, and identity remains unchanged and our dedication to our employees, mission, vision, and values will continue to be the guiding lights that lead us forward.

To learn more about this exciting announcement, please read the official press release available here.