On March 14, 2019, Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation (RPHC) through Tidal Basin Caribe made a charitable donation to Fundación CAP (Cáncer Pediátrico). Fundación CAP is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 for children with cancer at Hospital Pediátrico, the leading public pediatric hospital in Puerto Rico and the only one in the area that treats certain types of cancer.

The mission of CAP is to ensure that all children with cancer, regardless of financial situations, have access to a first-rate cancer treatment in Puerto Rico close to their family, home, and community.

Fundación CAP holds an annual event called “Uniendo Cabezas,” a head-shaving event held in solidarity with children suffering from cancer in Puerto Rico. Uniendo Cabezas is the main source of income to support key projects at Hospital Pediátrico.

RPHC/Tidal Basin Caribe is committed to continue to support the communities that we live in and serve. Several staff members shaved their heads to support this great cause.

“RPHC / Tidal Basin is happy to be able to support our local community by providing a donation for $2,500 and feel this will make a difference in supporting Fundacion CAP’s mission of ensuring that all children with cancer have access to treatment,” said Frances “Lola” Chávez, Director of Puerto Rico Operations at RPHC/Tidal Basin Caribe.

For more information, visit the Fundación CAP website by clicking here.