Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Support When Emergency Strikes

Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) are active as a result of an emergency. EOCs should carry out key functions during an emergency where the day-to-day operations differs from management efforts that require emergency operations. Our team provides unparalleled EOC support through trained and qualified professional, firsthand experience from FEMA operations and the field. Tidal Basin has the resources to provide EOC surge support with short-term and long-term logistics and operations staffing that allow communities to maintain continuity of government while effectively managing an incident. 

Our team takes into consideration the National Incident Management System (NIMS) framework when developing or supporting an EOC. We encourage our clients to understand and adopt the appropriate terminology through our training programs to ensure consistency across all levels of government and other jurisdictions. 

Our experts ensure an EOC carries out the following functions: 

  1. Command / Response Management 
  2. Operations 
  3. Logistics 
  4. Planning 
  5. Administration / Finance 


Our team provides personnel to support the needs of our clients, whether it be support of operations and logistics such as resource requests, communication with residents, data and inventory analysis, preparation of reports, preparation of procurement documents and communication with State procurement officers, we are an extension of your team and here to support. 

Tidal Basin’s EOC support is designed to help our clients in need. We provide experts where you need them – sometimes to fill gaps or to relieve current team members. Our services are scalable to provide the appropriate resources throughout the duration of an incident


Colorado Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (the County)
State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC), COVID-19 EOC Staff Surge Support
  • Provided personnel to the County and SEOC in support of the Operations and Logistics sections during the COVID-19 and wildfire incidents in 2020.
  • Support included resource request processing to acquire, organize, and distribute resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as PPE, communication with customers, data and inventory analysis, burn rate analysis, preparation of reports, development of standard operating procedures (SOP) for EOC operations, preparation of procurement documents, communication with State procurement officers, and preparation of reimbursement supporting documentation.

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