Initial doses of the vaccine for COVID-19 may be available as early as late October, on a limited basis, with availability increasing in November and December. In anticipation of states receiving the vaccine, there is a necessity — as well as a CDC requirement — for a plan to be developed. The CDC is requiring states to provide their plan no later than November 1, 2020.

There are several areas states must address to be able to effectively handle the vaccines and reach the critical populations that will be vaccinated first:

  • Receipt of vaccine and storage of the ultra-cold shipment boxes.
  • Distribution of the vaccine, diluent (depending which vaccine is received) and ancillary supply kits.
  • Identification of administrative sites that can store and vaccinate quickly upon receipt.
  • Partnerships with private sector and hospitals located where vaccination can occur.
  • Detailed directions for administrative sites on how to handle and mix (if required) the vaccine and its shelf life.
  • Tracking and monitoring of vaccines administered.

How Federal Funding Can Be Used For Vaccination

The Tidal Basin grants management team will do a deep dive analysis of your current and future COVID-19 related expenses. Our experts will advise as to the best source of funding or reimbursement whether through the CARES Act or FEMA’s Public Assistance program. To ensure that all available funding is accessible to offset the cost of administering vaccinations, our team is actively analyzing the various funding programs in advance of the release of a COVID-19 vaccine. Costs associated with a vaccination program may include:

  • Temporary medical outposts facilities
  • Overtime labor
  • Medical supplies
  • Contract labor or services
  • Disinfection/infection control

How We Can Help

Vaccine Preparedness Analysis

How prepared are you to administer a vaccination program? Our team will look at the following areas and develop a baseline analysis:

  • Organizational structure and partnerships
  • Preparedness gaps
  • Review capacity of reporting system
  • Critical population identification
  • Early vaccine administration preparation
  • Long-term vaccination and outreach planning
  • Allocation method to reach critical population
  • Communication plan for outreach

Plan Development

With a tight timeline requirement to put a plan in place, we can assist in developing a plan for handling, distributing, and tracking for your state. A detailed plan includes:

  • Short term handling of the vaccines at the state level prior to distribution.
  • Method of early vaccine distribution.
  • Administrative site requirements.
  • Identification of critical population within the state, including the administrative sites for vaccination.
  • Tracking and monitoring of vaccination.
  • Long term vaccine distribution.
  • Community outreach.

Exercise Facilitation

An exercise can provide your team with the opportunity to test vaccine distribution plans and address any challenges prior to going live with mass evacuation efforts. Exercise suggestions include:

  • Workshops and seminars to ensure your team has information and is prepared for vaccine distribution
  • Tabletop and functional exercises with a focus on operational aspects of distribution sites
  • Drills and full-scale exercises to test and validate distribution plans in from a real world perspective

Download “Planning for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution”

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