We are delighted to share insights from the TRB-hosted webinar on Airport Emergency Management. Two members of our expert team, Stephanie Murphy, Vice President of Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Management (PREM), and Ashlee Herring Delventhal, Senior Director, of PREM, shared their vast knowledge on the topic.

The webinar examined the hurdles airport staff encounter when implementing emergency plans. With a focus on strategies that can aid airports of all sizes, the discussion emphasized the importance of preparedness to turn potential chaos into a coordinated response.

Insights from Stephanie and Ashlee

Drawing from their extensive experience, Stephanie and Ashlee offered practical insights into the best practices for handling routine and emergency flight diversions, especially at airports that may lack adequate resources. This presentation gave participants a comprehensive understanding of airport emergency response and management.

Among the many topics covered, they specifically touched on:

  1. Identifying the challenges faced by airports when activating an emergency plan.
  2. Establishing protocols based on best practices to manage a wide variety of emergencies, including flight diversions.

Learning Resources

For those who were unable to join the live session, or for anyone who wishes to review the material, we have good news! The recorded webinar and all associated materials, including slides, are now available on National Academies website here.

Moving Forward

As we strive to shape a safer, more responsive aviation environment, sharing and learning from such critical insights is crucial. Tidal Basin Government Consulting is proud to be at the forefront of this effort, leveraging our expertise and knowledge to facilitate robust emergency preparedness.