The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) plays a crucial role in helping communities recover from disasters and emergencies. Through its Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) program, HUD offers valuable tools and resources to assist communities in their rebuilding efforts.  

Tidal Basin is committed to helping our clients navigate these vital resources and have outlined four topics from HUD’s CDBG-DR Fall 2023 Webinar Series below.  


  1. Community Planning and Development (CPD) Notice on Allocating Costs Overview  

HUD’s recent webinar on the recent CPD Notice on Allocating Costs shed light on the intricate guidelines for allocating CDBG-DR funds across varied recovery activities. View the webinar on HUD’s You Tube channel HERE.  

Tidal Basin can provide additional support to CDBG-DR grantees with: 

  • Interpreting the CPD Notice: Deciphering the complexities of the CPD Notice, ensuring they allocate funds in compliance with HUD’s guidelines. 
  • Maximizing Funding Allocation: Identifying cost-effective strategies to maximize the impact of allocated funds, ensuring that communities receive the support they need. 


To register for the following webinars, visit HUD’s CDBG-DR Fall 2023 Webinar Series page. 

  1. Economic Revitalization Guide Overview – October 10, 2023, 2-3:30 pm ET 

Economic recovery is a critical aspect of disaster recovery efforts. HUD’s Economic Revitalization Guide is a new resource for grantees which provides a roadmap for revitalizing local economies post-disaster.  

Tidal Basin can provide additional support to CDBG-DR grantees with: 

  • Economic Recovery Strategy: Developing comprehensive economic recovery strategies that align with HUD’s guidelines, ensuring the long-term prosperity of their communities. 
  • Identifying Opportunities: Identifying opportunities to leverage CDBG-DR funds for economic growth, such as infrastructure investments, business loans and grants, and requesting waivers to utilize CDBG-DR funds for tourism activities.  
  1. Duplication of Benefits (DOB) Worksheet Overview – October 26, 2023, 2-3:30 pm ET 

Avoiding duplication of benefits is essential to ensure that disaster-affected individuals and communities receive the right level of assistance and HUD funds are used effectively. HUD’s DOB Worksheet Overview Webinar sheds light on this critical aspect of CDBG-DR implementation.  

Tidal Basin can provide additional support to CDBG-DR grantees with: 

  • DOB Assessment: Conducting thorough DOB assessments to prevent any overlap or duplication of assistance, ensuring that resources are distributed fairly and efficiently. 
  • Documentation and Compliance: Documenting and maintaining compliance records, minimizing the risk of audits and funding disputes. 
  1. Interchangeability Policy Bulletin Overview Webinar – November 7, 2023, 2-3:30 pm ET 

Recent CDBG-DR allocations have provided grantees with the ability to use past, current, and future allocations for the same activities to meet unmet recovery needs in overlapping most impacted and distressed (MID) areas through its interchangeability policy. There are many compliance issues to consider when leveraging this policy, including Action Plan updates, reporting, and eligible beneficiaries.  

Tidal Basin can provide additional support to CDBG-DR grantees with: 

  • Strategic Fund Allocation: Developing flexible funding strategies that adapt to evolving recovery priorities, optimizing resource utilization. 
  • Compliance and Reporting: Ensuring that clients adhere to HUD’s interchangeability policies while maintaining transparent reporting, reducing the risk of funding challenges. 

Navigating through the insights from HUD’s Fall 2023 Webinar Series may be a nuanced endeavor. Our team of CDBG-DR experts has extensive knowledge of HUD’s policies, tools, and resources that enable us to translate the information from the webinar series into actionable and impactful strategies that pave the way toward a resilient future where communities thrive.  

Contact us today, and let’s partner to create a path where every stride is a step toward sustainable recovery and development.