A Beacon of Resilience and Hope: FDEM’s SHRC Program

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) recently celebrated a significant achievement in its ongoing recovery efforts post-Hurricane Ian. The Sheltering at Home for Recovery Continuation (SHRC) program, a collaborative initiative, has completed its 500th home repair project. This milestone underscores the unwavering dedication and resilience in rebuilding lives and communities affected by the devastating hurricane.

“The Florida Division of Emergency Management is proud of its work with the SHRC Program and repairing its 500th household,” said FDEM Executive Director Kevin Guthrie. “Assisting in the recovery of Floridians impacted by a natural disaster is a core focus of FDEM, and we look forward to continuing to reach recovery milestones and build a more resilient Florida with each repair.”  

The Collaborative Effort Behind the Success

Chris Mewes, the SHRC Program Manager from Tidal Basin, expressed immense pride in the program’s impact on Hurricane Ian survivors and recently said, “This milestone not only represents the dedication of the SHRC team – including FDEM, Volunteer Florida, Tidal Basin, and our VOAD partners – but also the resilience of the communities we serve. SHRC remains committed to helping Floridians return to their homes and complete their recovery, one project at a time.”  

This success story is a testament to the collective effort of various organizations, including FDEM, Volunteer Florida, Tidal Basin, and numerous Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) partners. Their commitment has been pivotal in helping Floridians reconstruct their homes and lives, one project at a time.  

A Journey of Recovery and Resilience

The achievement of the SHRC program in repairing 500 homes is more than a numerical milestone. It represents a journey of recovery, resilience, and the power of collaborative effort in the face of adversity. As this initiative continues, it is a beacon of hope for many Floridians, promising a brighter and more secure future post-Hurricane Ian.