Company hires tutors and provides onsite classroom for school-aged children to support employees in response to alternative back-to-school scheduling this Fall.

Rising Phoenix Holdings Corporation (RPHC), comprising the country’s leading emergency management and disaster recovery firms,Adjusters InternationalandTidal Basin Group, established an onsite tutoring center in their Utica, NY headquarters office for their employees’ school-aged children in response to alternative educational schedules this fall.

“To our knowledge, we are one of the only companies providing this service in our region to our employees,” said Assistant Vice President of Human Resources Lori Nichols. “Since implementing this program, we have been contacted by a few companies who are considering setting up something similar.”

With areaschoolsestablishing various schedules for students, RPHCexecutives brainstormed ways of accommodating employees with children who are in remote learningenvironments and need attention during the parents’ workday.Their idea to transform a large training facility into a classroom allowed students a safe place to study and learn remotely, while staying socially distanced from other children.

Depending on their school district’s schedule, some students attend the tutoring center twice weekly, while others are on the premises Monday through Friday. This allows parents to return to work full-time without the burden of securing childcare on days when their children are unable to physically attend classes at school.

RPHC hired two tutors earlier this month and currently has seven employees utilizing this no cost-benefit. The first phase of students attending is elementary grade students. Phase two for students who are middle school and above will begin when more space becomes available with the impending completion of the company’s building expansion project, which will be completed in October.

Tutors assist the students with accessing various online independent-learning platforms, ensure students attend virtual instructional sessions, and help students stay focused on their homework and reading assignments.

Special safety measures have been taken within the office, including setting up a separate entrance to the building and accompanying a health-reporting station for students, tutors, and their parents. Students and tutors practice social distancing within their dedicated study spaces, and students also have separate restrooms with newly installed contactless faucets.

“We are pleased to offer this service to our employees and hope it relieves some of the pressure they may have with their children’s remote-learning situation during this pandemic,” said President and CFO, Steve Surace.

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