Rhode Island Flood Mitigation Association (RIFMA)

RIFMA Annual Conference

May 23 – 23, 2024

URI Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences
120 Flagg Road
Kingston, RI 02881

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About The RIFMA Annual Conference

The Rhode Island Flood Mitigation Association (RIFMA) Annual Conference is a key event for professionals in flood risk management. Scheduled for May 23, 2024, at the URI Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, the conference will feature a series of expert-led presentations and discussions.

This year’s agenda includes topics such as the latest advancements in floodplain management, the Community Rating System, and climate change mitigation techniques. The conference aims to provide attendees with actionable insights and practical strategies to enhance flood resilience across Rhode Island.

Who Should Attend

The RIFMA Annual Conference is an essential event for professionals dedicated to flood risk management and mitigation. Attendees include:

  • Floodplain Managers: Gain critical insights and updates on best practices and regulatory changes.
  • State and Local Officials: Learn effective strategies for community resilience and compliance with federal standards.
  • Engineers and Urban Planners: Discover innovative approaches to designing flood-resilient infrastructure.
  • Environmental Consultants: Network with peers and stay informed about the latest environmental impact assessments and mitigation techniques.
  • Emergency Management Professionals: Enhance preparedness plans and disaster response strategies with the latest knowledge.
  • Insurance Industry Representatives: Understand the evolving landscape of flood insurance and risk assessment.

This conference provides valuable knowledge, networking opportunities, and practical solutions to enhance flood resilience efforts. Attend alongside Tidal Basin professionals to strengthen your capabilities and support your community effectively.

Meet our team

Michelle Burnett

Assistant Vice President, Resilience, Mitigation and Policy

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Response Specialist

At the direction of the Response Lead, or designee, the Response Specialist supports clients during disasters and emergencies, particularly in sheltering and other mass care operations. The Specialist fosters relationships with clients and mass care partners and supports development and management of Tidal Basin’s mass care program. The Response Specialist may also work in other response capacities as needed.

Tidal Basin team members often become essential members of state/local emergency management teams and are responsible for a multitude of tasks, either at the direction of the project manager, client, or other team members. The Specialist performs related functions as assigned by the Response Lead, Senior (Sr) Director, Assistant Vice President (AVP), or Vice President (VP). This position may require extensive travel and/or deployments, particularly during (but not limited to) hurricane season.  

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Regional Debris Specialist

Works at the direction of the Debris Program Manager.  Knowledgeable about eligibility and special conditions in the Public Assistance Category A Debris Removal Program, manage clients and contract growth, oversee debris management and monitoring projects, manage assets and resources. This position may require extensive travel and/or deployments, particularly during (but not limited to) hurricane season. 

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