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Requirements gathering and writing

Requirements gathering and writing is an important first step when customizing software solutions for program or community. The first step of this process is to clearly identify the goals for the solution and the criteria for success. Afterwards, we will document all the supporting technical and business requirements necessary to reach the defined target. Our processes also include continued partnership with our stakeholders to guarantee all teams remain aligned throughout the project lifecycle. This first step in our process ensures cohesiveness and focus on the end goal throughout the remainder of a custom built software solution project.


Documentation is crucial when developing custom software. TB Technologies utilizes specific plans and checklists that adhere to industry best practices to ensure accuracy with the development and implementation of the solution. We follow the scope of work and offer suggestions for added value where applicable. We offer a detailed user manual and ensure training is included in our delivery process.

Our philosophy on documentation is simple – the more information, the better. Any issues and updates are captured in a project management tool such as Jira, Azure DevOps and/or ServiceNow, that can be used by our team and the client’s team to always ensure proper alignment and full transparency.

Design and Implementation

Our team designs solutions  to work for you – tailored to your specific organization, community and enterprise needs. We ensure consistency throughout branding, implementation, and infrastructure. Our approach includes designing and developing specific software and infrastructure solutions utilizing a streamlined and custom process. We ensure the solution addresses your specific requirements. Whether it be increasing productivity and efficiency, distribution of communication, managing data, or measurement and reporting – you can be rest assured that our team will deliver the custom solution that meets your needs.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Our team works with stakeholders and testing personnel to assist in performing the proper level of UAT testing in accordance with requirements defined during business requirement phase. Our team provides support through the duration of a project and after, ensuring proper UAT testing is performed during the entire lifecycle of the application/project. As implementation nears completion, our team ensures a thoroughly tested and ready to be released application/product.


Once all corrections and clarifications have been addressed from the UAT stage, our team will conduct deployment of the software solution in accordance with the client’s requirements and needs. We also design our solutions with integration in mind, so all deployment activities will include soft-launches and comprehensive post-deployment testing. We deliver full end-to-end solutions, not only standalone solutions that operate in a silo.

Maintenance and Support

We offer ongoing maintenance and technical support after deployment of the solution(s). Maintenance includes modifications of existing features and adding new features as needed to meet the client’s future needs. We also monitor the system for performance and deliver reports as requested.

Phoenix OneCase – Grant and Case Management Software Solution

Phoenix OneCase is a cloud-based, dynamic, customizable, workflow and forms engine built by and for disaster and emergency management professionals to rapidly deploy tools for case, program, and grants management.

Some features include:

• Track multiple projects within one or more programs with shared or unique funding, goals, data attributes, review stages and roles.
• Unique URL for each project or application type.
• Fully customizable registration questions configurable from time-saving pre-defined templates, or completely from scratch.
• Configurable phases with gatekeeping, state management, QA, and case manager functions defined by role, phase, project, and program.
• Applicant interface for submission, communication, progress tracking, and application updates capable of supporting 50,000 concurrent connections.
• External applicant communication; email, text and document upload support for wayfinding and problem resolution.
• Configurable role-based case management supporting thousands of concurrent users per program across unlimited program defined roles.
• Multi-language support for all customer facing interfaces.

Learn more about Phoenix OneCase here.

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Your knowledge of the complex governmental regulations and equally complex insurance and adjusting issues really helped the county maximize the public assistance that was available after all of these disasters. You delivered what you promised, and we are confident in your ability and the ability of your firm to provide these services fully on a technical and professional level yet be able to translate clearly and concisely the intricate and sometimes subjective FEMA regulations which we could not have done without you.

The State of Alaska…[has] a significant investment in the disaster recovery process for both state and federally declared events…. The collaboration with Tidal Basin in these efforts has been so successful and seamless that in most instances applicants and FEMA staff don’t even realize we have contractors on board unless we tell them. Our interaction with Tidal Basin staff and managers works and feels like true teammates and the result is a faster, more comprehensive delivery of disaster recovery resources to survivors.

Months after the storm passed, the County was still faced with tremendous burdens related to the insurance coverage issues and FEMA and MEMA eligibility issues. Jackson County hired your organization to provide professional services for disaster assistance, remediation, restoration and recovery efforts….Their expertise with governmental regulations, the complex FEMA process and insurance adjustments resulted in our successful claim for over $2 million in additional FEMA Public Assistance funding specifically; in our successful negotiations with our insurance carrier; and in numerous other increases in the values FEMA and MEMA initially designated for County projects. Jackson County will always be mindful of the help we received from you when we needed it most.