TheInstitute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management(I-DIEM) and Tidal Basin, LLC, a leading emergency management and disaster recovery consulting firm, congratulate C. Wendell Grinton Jr., Carmen Reed, and Daniella Plaza as recipients of the Lt. General Julius Becton Jr. Scholarship Program. Dedicated to increasing representation of women and people of color within the emergency management profession while supporting minority students in their educational journey, Grinton Jr., Reed, and Plaza are the program’s first scholarship recipients.

“The Lt. General Julius Becton Scholarship could not have been possible without Tidal Basin, without the commitment from Daniel Craig, without the support from the entire Tidal Basin family,” said Chauncia Willis, I-DIEM CEO. “Their support and commitment to diversity has been so much appreciated, and we are so grateful that they chose to support this scholarship that will ensure these students can continue their education and really benefit the entire emergency management field.”

The Lt. General Julius Becton Jr. Scholarship Program was developed in recognition of Lt. General Julius Becton Jr’s accomplishment as the first minority to serve as FEMA Director from 1985 to 1989. The scholarship is awarded annually to minority students in emergency management or homeland security-related fields of study at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels of study to assist with tuition-related expenses for the academic year.

“General Becton developed a philosophy of management that includes ideals around integrity, professionalism, humility, and taking care of people on your team,” says Wes Becton, son of Lt. General Julius Becton, Jr. “We hope that this scholarship provides you with the opportunity to further your education and provide service to our country.”

“I think that it’s critical that we not only name the scholarship after a man like the Lt. General, but a person that really embodies what the true nature of the scholarship is,” said Tidal Basin CEO Daniel Craig. The scholarship program was announced in June 2020 on Tidal Basin’sDisaster Recovery Roundtablepodcast and was supported by a $5,000.00 personal donation from Craig, and an additional matching corporate donation from Tidal Basin.

For more information on the Julius Becton Jr. Scholarship, visitJulius Becton Scholarship – I-DIEM. To donate to the future scholarship fund, please donate todayInstitute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management | Kindful.