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Is your community prepared for wildfire season?

About wildfires

Wildfires typically take place in natural areas, such as forests and prairies. They can quickly spread to communities and devastate buildings and personal property.

Grants information

There are several grant programs available for those in wildfire-prone areas. Some are national programs, while others are available only to California residents. There are a number of programs designed specifically for wildfire mitigation and recovery. These include the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Post Fire, PrepareCA Jumpstart,Fire Management Assistance Grants (FMAG), and more.

Preparedness tips

Don’t wait to prepare. Not sure where to get started? We’ve curated a few different resources to help you and your community learn how to be prepared. Access them in the resources section above.

Air Quality Mitigation

Brady Scott, a fellow at the American Association for Respiratory Care, recommends that people stay indoors as much as possible, with closed doors and windows. That includes activities like exercise, which can cause stress on the lungs. He added that people with respiratory-related health conditions, including asthma, should monitor their symptoms closely. They should also ensure their medications, like inhalers, are available and not expired.

For many people, being indoors is not an option. Putting on a mask is the next best thing if you must be outdoors. Experts say a well-fitting N95 mask can help reduce the quantity of fine particles entering the lungs to help mitigate negative health effects.

Resources and downloads

Wildfire Preparedness Checklist

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Post Fire

Stay safe with insights from our experts

As wildfire season is now upon us it is important to know how to protect your property from the disastrous effects of these fires.

Learn how creating a defensible space around your property can protect it from the devastating effects of wildfires. Discover effective strategies for wildfire prevention, preparedness, and response to keep your home safe.

Explore a multifaceted approach to wildfire mitigation. From creating defensible spaces to early detection systems, discover strategies fostering resilient communities, protecting lives & property.

What our experts have to say

“Controlling fires is the responsibility first of the local community, then it goes up to the state if necessary. Sometimes, however, the efforts may not be enough. FEMA has a program called the Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) that provides assistance in the form of grants for equipment, supplies, and certain personnel costs. This program is for the mitigation, management, and control of fire on public or private land.”
– Carlos J. Castillo, Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer

“Wildfires need to be respected because they are nature’s terror weapon. Wildfires can result in complete devastation, with their after-effects lasting generations. You may not encounter one for decades, and then you smell smoke.

Communities’ encroachment into wooded areas, warmer and drier conditions, and ineffective forest and rangeland management are just a few elements contributing to more intense wildfires, so we need to be alert. We need to prepare.

Individuals need to take responsibility, with a sense of urgency, to protect themselves, their families, and their property. Create a viable defensible space around your property and use fire-resistant materials whenever possible. Be familiar with and practice your evacuation routes; you cannot fight a wildfire with a garden hose. Create go-kits that include essential documents and medicines. Urge your community to adopt area-wide fire prevention practices and enhancement of fire response.”
Mark Stephenson II, Mitigation Grant Manager

Carlos J. Castillo

President, Federal Services

Mark Stephenson II

Mitigation Grant Manager

The 2004 hurricane season was a difficult one for Lee County in Southwest Florida. We were fortunate, indeed, to have retained your firm to process FEMA claims following Hurricane Charley. Especially effective was the coordinated approach you used in seeking financial relief from separate sources such as FEMA, FHWA, NRCS and insurance. …The knowledge needed to deal with FEMA regulations is mind-boggling. It was obvious you and your team are very much up to speed with these regulations, procedures and processes.Without hesitation, we would recommend you and your firm to anyone faced with the task of processing large and/or complex loss claims in a disaster environment. Your firm’s ability to bring together the right team of professionals at the right time resulted in the creation of a superior product. Your thoroughness, knowledge, attention to detail, and logical approach provided us with the assurance that we would obtain the maximum reimbursement from all eligible sources.

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