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Create a more resilient, climate adaptable community

Climate change disasters have been on the rise, causing damage and increased hardship to communities across the United States. Efforts to combat the impact of climate change by government and corporate entities are being implemented, but more needs to be done.

The resources on this page explain how individuals, local governments, and corporate entities can help their communities adapt to the ever-changing climate and become more resilient. Discover the latest news and data, as well as informational tools, articles, and webpages from trusted organizations.

Natural disasters in 2023 caused $93.7 billion in damages* in the United States.

Have we prepared enough for 2024?

We’ve assembled resources from government organizations and entities such as Federal Emergency Management Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation, Environmental and Energy Study Institute, and the US Department of Homeland Security, to help you learn and prepare for climate adaptation and resilience.

They span a broad list of topics, including guides, tools and additional expert resources to assist with future climate adaptation and resilience strategies.

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Earth Day 2024: Tidal Basin Group’s dedication to sustainability and climate resilience. Learn how our disaster recovery services integrate sustainability principles for a resilient future.


At the Climate Adaptation Center‘s (CAC) “Hurricane Day” half-day conference hosted at USF Sarasota-Manatee, more than 130 Suncoast residents, county…


Explore the implications of February 2024 as the Hottest February on Record, highlighting global climate shifts, unprecedented temperatures, and the urgent call for action.

Net-Zero Energy

FEMA recently announced a broadened funding initiative to enhance climate resilience via net-zero energy projects. This will include the provision…


We are told that global temperature is rising, yet millions nationwide are feeling the Arctic chill from repeated winter storms….

fifth national climate assessment

The White House released the Fifth National Climate Assessment and warned that even though planet-warming pollution in the U.S. is slowly decreasing,…